Al Sharpton Blasts Tiger Woods for Lack of Mistress Diversity

The Rev. Al Sharpton held a press conference today to blast Tiger Woods for the lack of diversity among his mistresses. Sharpton claims that the lack of African-American women among Woods’ harem will have a negative effect on the black community, specifically young black girls.

“Why is it that a man who calls himself black can’t bring himself to cheat on his wife with a black woman?” said Sharpton, speaking to a group of supporters in Harlem. “What does it say to young black girls everywhere when you pass them over? Shame on you, Tiger Woods. What would your daddy say?”

Sharpton, who has long championed taking black women as mistresses, said that today’s black athletes need to stop neglecting black women when it comes to extramarital affairs, and should follow the examples of positive black role models such as Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr., both of whom cheated on their wives with black women. Sharpton also stressed that cheating with African-American women would help the black community financially by giving black girls the chance to sell their stories to tabloids and gossip magazines.

Added Sharpton, “I’m not asking you to not cheat on your wives, I’m just asking you to give back to your own community.”

  • Dgbreed

    This is a joke. Right?

    • Rick

      No. It’s no joke. THis shows that Sharpton doesn’t care about the harm Tiger Woods caused his children or wife. For Sharpton it’s all bout race. Never mind about the lies, cheating, the filth that Tger Woods brought into a home with a beautiful wife & children. Hey sharpton. Tiger Woods is half asian. We should remember that. What happened about not judging a person on skin color. Oh I forgot only if it suits your purpose or agenda.

      • Jennifer Allen

        I have a hard time believing that a rev would say those words but if he did….he’s no rev.

        Your are right Rick…’s not about race/ color. It’s about the fact that he humiliated his wife and family (in front of the world). It doesn’t matter if she’s white, black, or purple….she is the woman that he committed to and is supposed to love. It’s his children’s reputation. Martin Luther King Jr. said that all men should be judged on the content of their character…not the color of their skin. Tiger , you are definitely being judged by the content of your character. That family needs prayers…….a lot of pain and suffering. Everybody makes mistakes, but that many? Will Tiger ever be truly sorry? Remorseful? Doubt it….too many woman, too much money…’s an addiction…..just like heroin.

      • Michael Warren

        I agree my bro,first of all Mr.Sharpton got to realize we aint livin back in da day.I appreciate the sacrifice that was made,but we live in a diffrent time frame I pay attention to Mr Sharpton and some thangs are better left unsaid,Mr Sharpton erase that perm off you frame Sir an get tune in to whats really going on an quit riding Mr Jacksons scrodimmmmmssss ……sincerly yours Michael Warren……..

        • stefma

          Huh? I think I just hurt my brain trying to read your writing Michael.

      • Harry Hole

        actually , it was a joke. foxnews should catch on any day now.

      • brother Man

        rev Sharpton and (YES) Martin Luther King Jr. were and are both race pimps. Thats how the great King rose to fame! He did alot worse than Woods but never got credited for those infidelities. And now we have a holiday for his worthlessness.

  • starr

    lmfao..good one

  • Shamontiel

    I’m partially believing it and the other half is definitely a joke but your examples were on point. Either way, this blog was funny.

  • akadatruf

    I am a black man,and if he really said those words, he really is the most ignorant man alive. Wowoooooow. I can’t beleive somebody could be that stupid.

    • hallie

      i love you, i think.

    • Owl Jolson

      I certainly “beleive” (a-heh-heh) that a particular “somebody” (hoo-Hah) can be “that stupid” (Yo-Fuggin-Ho-Ho).

    • Billtron

      me too…
      my jaw is dropped!

  • dor


    So what’s the real reason black men prefer white women?

    • hallie

      there isnt one; it isn’t a general observation: not ALL black men prefer white women, or vice versa or purple women prefer blue men or whatever. people prefer whoever they want to FUCK, irregardless of their race. dicks come in all shapes and sizes, as do pussies, and titties, and asses.


      • Big Bad Tommy V

        Hallie, I love you! Great comment. People like to fuck. That’s the last word on Tiger woods. He’s normal, he has millions, he likes to fuck and can afford to fuck all he wants.

        That makes him a bad guy, why?

      • Jim

        Wow!. Pretty intense remark. Sharpton is an ass and a racist. He probably read Terence’s column the other day. It’s not about racr you idiots. Tiger Woods is a fake. How about this. What do you call Tiger’s Mistresses? “Tiger Lilys”. Does that bother Sharpton? Your color doesn’t bother me Sharpton. It is your stupid remarks. Besides your ugly anyway….

      • Elizabeth

        Irregardless is not a word

        • stefma

          no, no it is not..I think this was an attempt to appear intelligent.

    • DBrown1447

      Tiger doesn’t screw around with black woman for the same reason I don’t. The sexually attractive female has yet to be born.

    • stefma

      Let’s just say, most likely these particular guys, don’t like being called out in public. That shit is embarressing for anyone..I would never, ever, do that to my husband. With a wife or girlfriend like that, who needs enemies?

  • Phlash

    Black men prefer white women because black women don’t like to suck cock or so I hear.

    • hallie

      you’re ignorant.

      • ShutUpWhore

        Everyone knows the brothers are all about that white booty.

        Now shut up and get the sand out of your vagina.

        • casey

          Speak for yourself. I prefer a nice tanned brown body. white bodies are too pale for my taste and remind me of chicken flesh.

          • Mikolaj

            From a legal standpoint I agree, but free spceeh goes beyond that for me, it is an attitude. I don’t particularly care that he was fired, I do find the hypocritical nature of the campaign against him a bit disturbing. Speech lynch mobs that pick on particular types and sources of spceeh are problematic. Not necessarily wrong, but problematic.

    • stefma

      These people were having a serious discussion son, why you go bringing this lame shit to the table?

  • Bubba

    Sharpton quote: “I will not rest until the tree and fire hydrant that attacked Tiger Woods are brought to justice.”

  • hallie

    i’m black. and a woman. al sharpton is a fucking idiot. i’m offended and appauled any time this level of ignorance is displayed as a “valuable” opinion in the public sphere; fuck sharpton, fuck his bullshit, can’t wait till his generation takes their ignorance to the grave so we can continue our happy, new-age, postmodern lives.

    • Dead Ed™

      Amen. Al Sharpton and his generation are the “hippies” generation. A bunch of sorryassess. And you can’t blame the parents of the hippy generation. They had a world war to win. And by the time they came back, they were too tired. Too tired to give Al Sharpton and his generation any attention.

    • Angeline

      I agree. And to imply that black women’s self esteem would be affected by Tiger Woods passing us up to cheat with him. If he thinks us black women are that pathetic, then fuck him. What a fucking moron.

    • Jodi

      You go girl! Man, I like your edge and forward thinking post! It’s one of the best comments posted on this subject!

  • Dead Ed™

    This story just gets weirder and weirder everyday. And I don’t care to follow up on it because I don’t worship celebs.

    But I DID ask myself, “how long before black women take offense that Tiger Woods is only getting it on with white women?”

    Then this story pops up. The biggest black bitch to bitch about everything that is black.

    Leave it to Al Sharpton to look out for the black community. Apparently they like to be told who they can and can not have affairs with. They already like to be told where to live, what music to listen to, what schools they can go to. Leave it to Al Sharpton to bitch about these. Or just speak for yourself. And stop revoting this aging worthless hippy to an office where he continues to use his voice, because I’m tired of hearing it.

  • Dead Ed™


    “Tiger Wood’s wife has just moved out.”

    This just in and can be confirmed on any website.

    I don’t blame her. I look at her and look at his mistresses, I think, “what are you thinking?” “ARE YOU thinking?”

  • LOL

    Al sharpton is a lot of things BUT no way this is true. Sounds more like a Saturday night live skit

  • PSCO

    Anybody with an IQ large than their shoe size, knows Sharpie is an idiot. He has done nothing but incite race tensions. I would never use the word “Reverend” when referring to this meatball.
    His opinions – even relating to his daughter’s recent traffic stop – are ridiculous and embarrassing – to anybody with any intelligence.
    His daughter only ran a red light and cut off a driver so she could get to a theater and he says “she was treated badly because she did’nt commit a crime? Does he know what a crime is?
    Anyone remember the Brawley case?
    Sharpton and his friend Jessa the Jackoff should just go away.

    • PSCO

      It’s obvious that the people who read my comment have intelligence and are people that I would like to know.
      Why don’t we all sign a petition and have Sharpie and Jackoff do a “Thelma and Louise” and join hands as they fly off a cliff?
      The World and Race Relations wold be better for it.

  • Alan

    This story is a joke people.

    But not too much.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but other than David Bowie and Iman, I almost never see a white guy dating / marrying a black woman. Does make me wonder…

    • OneLove

      You mean the Russian billionaire Naomi Campbell is dating is black? And actress Garcelle Beauvais’ husband? And actress Kim Wayans’ husband? And Halle Berry’s man? Oh, um, and the husband of the Angela, Princess of Lichtenstein?

      Maybe you should get out more?


        Seal and Heidi Klum!

        I like one of the prior comments ….People like to Fuck…..White women are no more tastier than black, Latina, Asian, all others and all inbetweens and mixes….individuals bring passion….color matters not…….I’ll make love to any colr, race,, hell I’d do an Amish Women if she was

        • stefma

          You a freak

  • Sonja

    This is about as stupid as I have heard ” The Rev Al. Sharpton” speak. Talk about an oportunist. Instead of saying something such as we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God he says this stupid stuff once again putting young black women on the short end of the stick. Please our young black women are better and deserve better than what Tiger or anyone else like him has to offer. Stop using our race for you soap box in unappropirate ways ” REV”

  • Black Queen Lara

    Reverend Al,
    I will always respect you, even after this article.
    You omitted to mention that if Tiger Woods had ONE Black Mistress, he would have gotten all his masculine ardor fully satisfied.
    He kept accumulating White women, because he could not find sexual bliss. As a French Black Woman and Therapist, this is what I understand.
    This year was chaotic, let us fiish in peace.
    Kiss from Paris
    Black Queen Lara

    • haha

      You’re a retard.

    • needlnoots

      You’re right Lara, Once you go black, you never go back!

      • Lexus

        Once you go black, who would want you back?

    • unemployed

      you need to get your head checked you dumb racist.

    • stefma

      If this makes you feel better, then go ahead and believe it.


    you’re all a buncha douchebags lol al sharpton is obvious making a point.

  • disgusted

    Al Sharpton – What a disgrace it is to sell yourself as not only a man of God, but to pretend that our Holy God has chosen you to present the Gospel. A true man of God would spend his time praying for those in the Wood’s family who are suffering during this time and any public comments would be to discourage others, black or white, from taking our lives down the same path dragging others with us.

  • sammy jones

    It’s all a ‘Big lie,’ Mr. sharpton never said it.

    • [email protected]

      Thanks for the tip, dumb ass.

    • Tami

      Who the heck cares…. I feel sorry for his wife. Been there, Tiger is not Black, he is bi-racial. As am I. However I am an AMERICAN wook too. No one is saying a thing about the dirt bags that were with him. I do not feel sorry at all for them. They knew he was married, they just wanted to be screwed by a cleb. I don’t think it had much to do about his color at all …. this is what makes it so sad for his wife. don’t give me that I was young bull crab. I knew at 16 and younger you shouldn’t mess with another persons husband/wife.

  • JT

    What a stupid website.

  • tpg

    What Tiger did is none of our business… we should stay out of it… it is between Tiger and his wife. It is not news! If Al Sharpton actually said what this blog says…. that is news. Incredibly stupid news.

  • LC

    What planet is this man from?! He’s a Total Idiot!

  • mike

    another wasted white woman what white man would want to touch that hole now

    • Marla

      LOL Don’t be so jealous because most white men have small dicks…. I’m satisfied with my half black man <3

      • Meg

        No they don’t, white men have the best dicks around. You’re probably just too ugly and slutty for white men, who unlike black men, have high standards.

    • unemployed

      racist goon

  • Aki

    Am staying in West Africa and am gravely offended and mad at this supposedly clergy who should to preach decency and morally.. what the HELL is he thinking..

  • sigh

    This is some bs and sharpton knows it. He is a self-righteous, racist idiot that claims to be a servant of god. He should really know better, especially since he champions the bible, I guess he never reallly opens it to read. Anyhow, Tiger and every other man around the world that thinks that he can get away with sticking his appendage in every willing hole, may this be a lesson to you. Tiger deserves any backlash that he gets from this, but I truly feel sorry for his wife and children, because they’re the ones being dragged through the mud for his indiscretions.

  • Tracy
  • MelindaNC

    Al Sharpton your an idiot. Your a poor excuse for a man and a disgrace to the human race. With all that is wrong with extramartial encounters this is what bothers you? The fact that a person has a preference in what race they are attracted to? REALLY

  • bb

    Do any of us know Tiger personnally? Most likely not (thankfully…lol). Just because some people are in the public spotlight, it is natural for us to start believing that we know who they are. In a world of 9 billion different people, why should we expect that everyone else should be just like us?? That is narrow minded thinking. I am not saying what he did was right, as his family was affected. What I am saying is, who are we to judge?? As for race, Al Sharpton’s comments, etc…it is simple ignorance! So get back to work people and stimulate this shitty economy!

  • Marie Brown

    Al Sharpton is an IGNORANEMOUS (sp?)/ It means out of touch and ignorant. I’m a black woman and I wish he would go far, far away. Why does the MSM think he represents how blacks think????:
    He’s from the stone age. Go AWAY!

  • HNIC

    How can Sharpton be a black advocate all these years with a white woman’s hairdo? Loose the creamy crack and be proud of your heritage.

  • Boogie Down


    If Al said those words he needs to be talked to and I mean now, The man is losing it.

  • Brian

    Very funny! The commentators who think it’s real are even funnier.

    • Carol

      AL Sharpton loves black americans….without their backs to climb upon…he’d never had made his millions or been a name anyone would recognize. It’s a shame he didn’t help instead of help himself.

  • smh

    It’s satire folks. calm down

  • tequilahal

    Al’s right. What is wrong with beautiful black women. This guy clearly only likes white. Something wrong in his head. Go for all of them and enjoy their differences. Really, they are all pretty much alike.

    • Torr

      ………Aaaaah, an opinion i can finally agree completely with!

  • needlnoots


    Yeah, Tiger should have made some black chicks look like slutty money grubbing whores as well. And I totally fell for it until the line “What would your daddy say?” Well done.



  • Booger

    I would believe this story, if you had linked the video. You almost had a lot of us. Good Joke, that was funny.


  • jim

    Sharpton has always been a stupid racist pig. This very will could me true.
    ha ha ha

  • Janice Triplett

    This is an embarassment to the Christian community. It’s ok to cheat as long as you keep it in you race? Where is this in the Bible. He is a Rev?

  • Ann Hathaway

    This man calls himself a reverand. Nowhere in his comments did he mention being faithful to his wife. Sharpton is just as twisted as Woods. HOW can this man call himself a reverand.

  • Rick Aztlan

    This confirms what many of us have long believed: Racisim is alive, well and acceptable, as long as the racists are black!

  • Bill

    Daddy woulda said “Keep it with the Asian’s, they won’t blab …”

  • Zel

    I’m black and I’m not mad that he did not cheat with somone my color. All that should matter is that he cheated on his wife. It does not matter what color she was. he needs to get over what color his mistress was and focus on more important issues in the world

  • lee-lee

    This is one of the most foolish and idiotoc things ever said to degrade the African American female.

  • Jimmy Z

    It’s a spoof, you cornheads.

  • Tigerfan4evr

    Please don’t take this wrong, and please don’t mix my words to mean that I condone adultress behaviors. But these slores knew exactly who and what they were doing. Grubbs, complains, whimpering…”I didn’t know he was married.”

    I’ve been propositioned and will continue to be – by married men and OPPs (Other People Property). But, that doesn’t mean say yes. Why isn’t media playing up those morally sound woman (i.e radio personality,etc) about their ability to stand for something? Oh, I almost forgot it’s not a juicy enough story for Americans and the world to chime in on the GOODness in some people.

    Listen, neither Tiger, Joe, Tom, Jerry, Bobby, Sally or Sue are exempt from upholding the morals and values that SHOULD be expected of all Spiritual beings. Oops!, but then we all used to the meme that echos “we’ are only human” or how about this one “he’s just a man.” It’s called lack of self control – or lack of temperance….in case you aren’t familiar it’s one of the fruits of the spirit. But then again, this country has worked so diligently to do away with all things Godly. We’re just seing more of the diseased (dis-ease) infested moral fiber of humans.

    These SLORES (slut-whores) are not off the hook and also just as, if not more, to blame here. Corrupt flesh, and darkened spirits and souls are robbing us all from prospering in the lives we planned and worked so hard to build becasue of “these kinds of people”.

    Ms. Grubbs, I can slap her. Please she ain’t so innocent – and the others are triffling, gold-diggin witches – with all their crafty, seducing – alluring – fantasy driven – underhanded – backstabbing – low-down slutty ways.
    They’re all looking for the next big pay off. And, it’s not like we all dont’ agree. Tiger is just an better target.
    He’s the one who many have looked up to, and held in such high-esteem. That’s part of the problem with this country. He’s not Jesus or God people…gosh, grow up!

    As far as I’m concerned these woman should all be brought up on charges for [1] attempting to exthort; [1] attemting to divide a family; [3] intent to alienate affection; and the list goes on. I’m sure there is some legal begle who can dig up other phrases to set a precidence. If people are going to dig into Tiger, why should they get paid, and get off the hook on top of that?

    A group of woman need to get together and file a class action lawsuit (including me) against ANYONE (man or woman) the pursues, goes along witg , follows people from state to state in a groopie fashion with the intent to get close to them in a sexual manner, while knowing that person is MARRIED or in a family way.
    Isn’t that stalking or contributing to deviant behavior?

    These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because they have no moral compass. It’s not all the men’s fault – it’s takes two or three of four, whatever!!! Men, unfortunately are soooo weak and at Tiger’s age usually can not withstand a woman’s feminine wiles. All I have to do in walk in a room and I turn men and woman’s heads. But that doesn’t give me the right to EXPLOIT that.

    If a dope dealer is selling drugs, do I have to buy? Is the user(s) only the blame. What about the grower, the distributer, the dealer, and all the other participants? No! All those who participated are guilty!!
    Don’t drug dealers spend time in prision when they’re busted? Hello!
    So, why in this case is Tiger and his family the only ones’ who stand to lose something?

    Since, we are so good about setting examples I say let’s set an example of these woman so woman all over the country an learn to stay the heck away from other peoples husbands.

    It’s like any other addiction, things are out there to pull you in: tempresses, lures, traps, underhanded, wreckless and unconcern vipers waiting to get a piece of you irregarles of the lives being affected. I think the entire family and the kids need to file suit for people who threatened to ruin their inheritance, their lives, their foundation of family and growing up with their parents.

    I, like many woman who weren’t married to wealthy men have all suffered the same types of things. In our world we’ve encountered the “clean-up woman.” If you miss a beat at home, sick, just had babies, argue, loose a job, refuse to work, let yourself go, or show any signs of withholding sex for a period of time for whatever reason, or even if you are superwoman and the freak of the week – there is always preditory woman on the job, at the clubs, next door, in your family, etc just waiting – watching – strategically planting themselve in his life, on his phone, in his view in order to GRAB and then alienate his affection towards you, your kids.

    So, hell no I don’t feel for these SLORES getting their fifteen minutes of fame. Listen, this county is so sick that all one ever has to do to get noticed is do the more corrupt unthinkable thing they can. Next, they’ll get FACE TIME, book deals, reality shows, pity and all kinds of sensational offers.

    I blame journalism and the media for being so desperate to tear down a celebraty to the point of losing site of all those involved. Don’t these people know what this is going to do to his babies?? They’ve got to grow up with this tarnished report of his dad, and kids around them taunting them of it all.

    I hate this sick ass way the media reports. STUPID jerks. He was probably not happy being married to this chick anyway, which doesn’t make it right. But so far I have not heard – since we’re listening to all the report of Tiger – anything about her, except SHE KNEW HE HAD THESE TENDACIES and IT WAS AN ISSUE WHILE THEY WERE DATING. Sounds to me like premediated – prenup, and get paid anyway tactics to me. She’s a gold-digger too.
    Yeah I said it, cause aint’ no woman who know her man is a jiggalow going to marry him anyway. They all see the benjamians, plain and simple. Do you think people in her family, her friends, and maybe even the divorce attorneys haven’t been advising her that it would be just a matter of time that his “nature” would show up. Please! Who do ya’ll think is stupid – the public! Not me – I see straight through all of this mess.

    Every single on of these ding-bats in the line up – all coming out of the woodworks now know good and well they say status; money; fame; hopefully trapping him by a love child – or picstures; opportunities to “tell their story” would eventually pay off. What group of woman would even set themselves up in such a way…..hmmmm???

    Leave Tiger alone and let him learn his own life’s lessons, without this media frenzy.

    • Veronica

      Listen up Tigerfan4evr, You can defend Cheetah (Tiger) till the cows come home but this load of crap you are trying to feed us is just that bullcrap… Tiger is old enough to know better and he was a willing partisipant in all of this.. He has shown his true character the one that lacks morals, values and self control. You said the slores knew exactly what they were doing, WELL, so did Cheetah (Tiger). These women did not make him do anything he didnt want to do, you just need to face the facts and that is Tiger brought this all on by himself. I too could have been seduced by other men but I CHOSE not to cheat on my husband. It was a choice Tiger made. He could have gotten a divorce if he was not happy with married life. He could have then gone on to date as many slores as he wanted too without the backlash that he so diserves. Tiger is in the public eye and for that reason alone he will be talked about. To tell people to leave Tiger alone is like telling people they should not oppose any of President Obama’s policies because he is our president. Look, I’ve never thought of Tiger as he were God or someone that is this perfect person but your lack of blame on Tiger’s part is way out of poportion. You are misguided in believing only the slores were behaving in deviant behavior. Wasnt Tiger behaving in the same way? And as for your comment that his wife is a gold digger is irresponsible. You dont know what is in her heart, hell, you dont even know her and you dont even know Tiger for that matter. Go read his own words as he admits to his wrong doings on his website. He takes full responsibility for his OWN actions, and he doesnt blame the other women, he blames himself and for that I will have forgiveness for Tiger and I hope others will too………….

    • unemployed

      when is your book being released.

      • stefma


    • stefma

      A few too many lattes?? No one is going to read a single word you wrote, just because it is rediculously long. Chill out.

  • disgusted

    WTF! what kind of reverend is Al Sharpton. He is basically saying it is okay to cheat on your wife. Its never okay no matter if the woman is green with spots. Geez.

  • topnotch

    I agree with tigerfan4evr. The stupid sluts that got fucked by Tiger were asking , if not pleading, for it. I think that morally they are far more wrong than Tiger because they are now shouting out that they have been fucked by a married man, and taking money for it WHORES WHORES WHORES. What a sorry arse world we have cum to when this sort of thing gets publicity!!!

  • BlackJade

    Come on people, used your heads! This article was pure SATIRE! If you don’t know what that means, look it up. Obviously this press conference never happened. Use your heads… or at least do a Google search. Seesh!

    • BlackJade

      hmm… I need to use my head. Misspelled words and redundancy – badly done. ^_^

    • Burch

      You’re wasting your time, they probably think Fox is a news organisation as well.

      • unemployed

        watch fox for the truth whenever you are in doubt about anything like how to spell.

        fox news is the best

      • Dead Ed™

        MSDNC/PMSLSD/MSLSD, Clinton News Network/Communist News Network, ABC and see-BS are sure as NOT news organizations… ANYMORE.

        Look at the ratings. FOX is just 1, and they have more ratings than the ones I mentioned, COMBINED.

        If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.

  • Joel

    As funny as this is, it’s kinda sad it’s fake. I would loooove it if it was true cause that would be FUNNY!

  • ladyinlakeworth

    Interesting that he was cheating, then he’s a liar, and the stupid mistress’s thought he was loyal to her.
    How did someone get so rich and still be so ignorant?
    . I am so glad I went through Girl Scouts and Integrity, Honor; Respect for self gave me my back bone….

    So what is it with inter racial. There is more Fire, chemistry? Just like lust that doesn’t last.
    Everyone attention is on this and we can teach the young bloods… If you learn to lie, steal, or cheat you will do it until you get caught…being caught is shame, disgrace, you will lose in the end!!!