Adriana Lima Literal Bikini Spread

Adriana Lima

I use to think Adriana Lima was a woman of virtue. She famously kept her vow to maintain her maidenhead until her weeding night which is extremely admirable in the Western world in this day and age.

However, now that she has taken her proper place at the heel of a man, I can not help but feel disappointed that Adriana is still taking pornographic pictures for Victoria’s Secret.

I regret that Adriana Lima was not married off to a strong Muslim man, perhaps a chieftain of a respectable clan. Because any self-respecting Muslim man would have put an end to Adriana’s silly little modeling career long ago.

As the pictures below clearly show Adriana Lima is without proper male guidance. The fact that she takes the term “bikini spread” literal by spreading eagle in a bikini shows she is ill-equipped to battle the silver tongued Zionist photographers who wish to defile her previously virtuous womb. I fear for her soul.


Adriana Lima Adriana Lima Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima Adriana Lima Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima Adriana Lima Adriana Lima


    Look at this whore spreading her legs for the camera. Why is she showing us where her child came from. Listen woman, you are married now and you have begun to bear children. It is time for you to be in service of your husband not embarrassing him like this. If I were him I would make her submit to my wishes and if she refused I would scar her so badly that she would never show herself in public again without a covering. My ninth wife had the audacity to show her legs in public so I called her father and he gathered all the men in her family and she was stoned in the streets for her insolence and blasphemy. My tenth wife knows not to repeat such mistakes!

    • Dar al-Harb

      Al salam alaykum brother! The sharia is clear on this matter! Any whore who would allow herself tobe eye raped by unlimted men must be stoned! Had she only shown ankle maybe a few lashes and few punch to asshole would suffice! This vile temptress woman has no shame! She must be stoned! And Allah knows best! Allahu Akbar!

    • bbb94

      your soooo disgusting, disrespecting a woman like that, u should be ashamed of yourselves
      its saddens me that only a few people on here think as i do, adriana lima is the 4th highest paid model in the world not one of your ugly wives, so stop treating her like one!!

      • Dead Ed™

        First remove the cloth. Move the hair out of the way. Gently part the lips. Then start eating.
        The thing muslim women have to go through for a simple sandwich.

        • DFGHJ

          ew thats grosss!

  • Aa

    U stupid idiots… U have the audacity to post the pictures and look at them… Why couldn’t u have just described the photos and not post them. HYPOCRITES. I’m sure all u do is look at her pictures and wish she was your wife. And u mister… U are not even ashamed of saying u are with ur tenth wife… What kind of man are u that u can’t say married to 1 wife… U should try to know ppl b4 rushing into marriage. U guys just don’t want to admit it but you are getting pleasure out of these pictures! Please remove the pictures if u are disgusted by them… U are the kind of ppl that make muslims look bad.

  • Aa

    What’s even your interest in her… That’d you take your time to write about her, if u fools imply that u are “muslims”

    • Dar al-Harb

      Do not presume to speak about Muslims KUFFAR! There is a fatwa on your head head now Aa! We will find you and punish your insolence!

  • Hugo666

    Why would anybody goolge Adriana if not to see her half naked? If it’s painful to look at her- just close the page. Luckily, she is not married to a muslim dude – we would never see her beautiful body again.


    who does she think she is, miley cyrus?

    • Scipio

      im in shock that you think miley a complete nobody to people over 16 and is sinking fast can compete with one of the world most famous models.

      now stop your unhealthy obsession with her or at least keep your comments to her posts

      • demi lovato is ugly

        ur a dork

  • bbb94

    look…shes just doing her job, at least she isnt topless and sleeping with a thousand men like some of these other models. to me she is a beautiful woman, gracing us with her appearance in world reknown magazines, to provide for her family…beauty like that should be apprieciated not hidden away behind a man….stop hating with your old fashion wayssss not everybody thinks like you!!!!!! and what was the point of uploading pics if all ure gonna do is talk smack about her, this just makes her even moore beautiful and admirable

  • Aa

    I’m a muslim and i’m proud of it… I pray 5 times a day, fast in the month of ramadan and do other good things. I think that’s what is expected of me at my young age. But honest to God, some people call themselves muslims but they’re really not. Dar-al please shut your mouth, it’s obvious u can’t hear the word coming out of your mouth. Let me tell u, islam is no joke so don’t even try to be sarcastic about it. Hugo666, we’re speaking the same language. U seem to be the only sane person around here yet. Oh and not all muslim husbands ask there wives to cover up all of there body… They just ask them to dress descently… U know like put on a simple veil to cover up there hair. And wear long skirts and pants… They even beautify themselves and they look good.

    • Dar al-Harb

      You are not a Muslim liar! I bet you have non-Muslim friends too! You are an apostate and the Sharia calls for apostates to be put to death!

  • Aa

    bbb49… I hear you… U rock.

  • Aa

    bbb94… I hear you… U rock.

    • bbb94

      it sickens me that there is still people out there like that

  • Aa

    Tell me about it. Adriana is my favourite model… And i think it’s ridiculous to say nasty things about her when we all know she’s not like that. These ppl talk like they are from the 17th century.

    • bbb94

      AGREED!! coming from a muslim!! i think these people need to get lives, instead of hating a woman they wish they had

      • Dar al-Harb

        You aren’t a Muslim LIAR!

  • stefma

    @BHO4LIFE, hahaha, you’re kidding right…you should be stoned for being married 10 times, if that is even true. Loser4life. :) If her husband doesn’t mind then what business is it of yours..Why don’t you all try telling this crap you are spewing to her husband in his face?

  • bbb94

    those arent even preoffesional shots, there one the papparazi must of taken u stupid people!!! u.u

  • jo

    I think the writer of this piece and the first commentators are joking – they are making fun by pretending to be some of the most radical Muslims they’ve ever read about in the news, and how they’d think they’d be reacting seeing such photos.


    Muslim assholes
    She is so good looking!!!
    Non of your 10 wifes is hot as Adriana!!!