A Naked Emma Watson Opens Up

Emma Watson naked

Actress Emma Watson really opens up in the new issue of “Cock Gobblers Weekly”, and of course by “opens up” I mean that she spreads open her labia exposing her overworked lady hole to the camera.

Of course this has become standard behavior from Emma Watson, who has recently posed for graphic nude photos here, here, and here. With no end to Emma Watson’s sick sexual pictures in sight one can only wonder how far she will go before she hits rock bottom.

One thing is for certain though, Emma Watson would never have descended into a life of hardcore pornography if she had been raised a Muslim. Everyone knows that the only thing that stands in the way of women completely debasing themselves by taking nude photos and dating minorities is the power of Allah. Islam can still save Emma Watson, whether it is by the word of Allah or the hurling of stones is up to her.

  • mahummed

    Id love a once over with her!

  • Bogsmalee

    Allahu Akbar!!!

  • Itz Z Man!

    Looks fake but who cares

  • Word of wisdom

    From the pixels, I can tell this picture is 100% authentic.
    She will burn in hell, unless a pious muslim redeems her by the legal means recognized by allah, which include rapt, mariage by suprise buttsex, and burqah.
    Given that she is, by far, well beyond the legal wedding age, the reward in paradise will be even higher, and the young, beautiful boys of eternal youth promised to the faithfulls by the holy q’ran will have the skin softer than a peach, the shade paler than ivory.

    • Word of wisdom MY ASS

      So its normal to have an indent in your neck, STFU its always fake if a celeb was going to do a nude photo shoot , youd be hearing it every were, and it wound be playboy. i didnt even have to look that have to look at the picture that are to tell it is fake, and your dumb ass is looking at pixels? how about the fake the bottom of her neck does not look HUMAN.

  • Anubis

    Even though former Hogwarts witch Emma Watson is posing by spreading her pleasure hole lips for the whole world to see and admire, it just donned on me that she is actually wearing more clothing than any typical whore at a beach. You see, a skimpy string thong bikini really doesn’t overall have much fabric, but in this photo cute Emma is wearing very long stockings and shoes which are covering more skin than a thong bikini, only different areas of skin.

    It is possible that Emma may start a new clothing trend with this type of attire by young impressionable adolescent gals everywhere – by only wearing long argyle socks and sneakers to malls, movie theaters, to school, door to door soliciting for sex, etc., and possibly sun shades and a hat, but nothing more.

    Who knows, maybe lesboqueer Selena Gomez upon seeing this photo of Emma, may pose like this as well figuring it will help boost her fan base (or at least fingering herself while looking at it).

  • Yushi Samagura

    Yushi would not touch with ten foot katana. If look closely in vagina you clearly see large hogwart.

    • Virgin 12 Year Old

      ….You’ve obviuously never seen a vagina…

  • black america

    Muslims in the middle east need to get there act together you people and i don’t me all but most of you are the wrong. you bomb your own people daily and try to control the weak and poor with force and fear.
    you always say america is the devil but i think terrorists are his modern day servants as is big government.you say your so holy but you don’t give women a chance and try to force your religion on the world instead of trying to better your countries you waste time blaming others it took us 300 years to get our freedom we got it the hard way and were living better today because of it .so stop hating on america
    because it’s not just white people here we are a diverse country with more than one religion and people we have the right as humans to believe in whatever we want that’s what it means to be free.

  • Celeb Jihad is a fucking failure

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      drunken asshole

      You’ve confused this site with your mother’s bedroom…er….I mean her “place of business.”

      • Abdullah The AIDS ridden monkey

        “Ta da” and like magic (or should I say rats to rotten curry) you come running as expected! You a very predictable person not full of many surprises…well maybe except when you martyr yourself and kill you own people I’ll give you that exception lol. But I heard your mother got executed by the Taliban for prostituting I feel sorry for you man as you now have to take over the family business and whore yourself out….boo hoo hoo

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          glory hole asshole

          And like magic you’re on your knees sucking trucker cock for a buck…..

          • Abdullah The Vindaloo Ass Eater


            Now get back on that street corner and start earning money boy!

          • theheadchimp

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            You sound just like that black cocksucker named Zillaman. You set off the google detector with your eek eek oooga bonga posts. Go get some grape kool-aid and a pack of Kools and shut your fucking mouth…..

        • HeadChimp Loves Sucking Bubbles The Monkeys Cock

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            loves to suck

            You stupid rehab refugee….if you ever dragged your sorry ass to a Muslim country….there would be a raffle to see which 7 year old al-qaeda recruit gets the honor of gutting your miserable carcass.

            Talk shit on the computer in your mommy’s basement, while your homoqueer boyfriend gives you a reach around, for now; in the near future….us Muslims will be showing you what Sharia Law has to say about gayboys.

          • I Love CelebJihad Like Your Mother Likes My Penis (LOTS!)

            Oh be quiet Paula Abdullah. Is that the same raffle where you marry off 8 year old virgins to hairy, tea towel wearing apes to be mercifully raped? Or is it the one where you toss coins to see who gets first dips on sucking shit out of your family camels arse when it has constipation.

            Lol funny that because we all know you live in America, are white pretending to be asian and enjoys a daily blow from Carrot Top. So fuck off you nonce and shove your Sharia Law up your camel or mothers ass…your choice buddy!

    • Daniel

      Why does the info provided in your inriomatfon always appear to be a matter of history? You are offering me info about upcoming Firefox 4.0b7, which you note is delayed until December, while I am now running Firefox 4.0b8. Maybe, there is a difference in the tree matrix and I am on a different limb?

  • SmokeWeedAllDay

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    • Abdullah The Man Who Whores Himself For Tikka Masala Curries

      +1 This. The truth can sometimes be hard to accept Aduballah but we all know your a cockslurping ass muncher….

    • theheadchimp

      What the fuck are you 3 years old? If you are trying to win the prize for most “juvenile” post of 2011 you are a contender. Abortion failed you I’m afraid but its never too late to try again you nitwit.

  • KingSizeSeal

    Fucking idiots, fake again, its from cfake.com

  • lia

    i want these knee socks

  • maza

    its fake look neck

  • ahhgmed

    You nerds used a half bottle of vaseline and a box of tissues on this pic.

    • Anubis

      That is very good sound advice Ahhgmed, but I’m afraid most infidels that happened to wander to this site and seen the above photo had already succumbed to their lustful desires without using the tissues, causing their keyboards and monitors to be dripping wet with jizz. When it comes to cute Emma Watson and a sexy provocative photo like that, it happens.

      But that box of tissues you mentioned and maybe some windex or something could be used in the cleanup, along with some prayers for their redemption.

      • Aids infected buttfuck says

        Thatd be so hard to explain to people why the hell my keyboards all sticky

  • P.shr

    I would like 2 see naked vagina

    • Aids infected buttfuck says

      Hey dipshit, its right in fucking front of you!

  • Celeb Jihad Is Shit

    This pic is obviously fake. Look at the background. Would a girl who just filmed a movie be in a house that was probably built in 1890 with that ugly ass couch? I don’t think so. Oh, and I found this on a site that says that it was a fake pic because they made it. We might as well bomb Celeb Jihad like the terriosts did to the Twin Towers, (Yes, I’m American), and set fire to all the Muslim people who made this shit.

  • Aids infected buttfuck says

    Fake or not she’s still a buttfucking whore

  • MrSirMr

    Kill all muslims I say.

  • klir

    this picture is 100% fake,but i would like to fuck that baby.

  • Atish

    Ah….. surely FAKE !!
    ( I’m glad for that )

  • carlymoore

    this isnt real is it? i dont think she would do this so is it like computer graphics?

    • boby mcbobtown


  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    Does nothing for me man, would it hurt to show some ankle bloody prudes you western women are always too shy to show the goods.

  • Oooooo

    Is it normal to mastubate to this?

  • Bobby Pemberton

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I seen a lot of the pictures on this site and this guy needs to learn how to use Photoshop a hell of a lot better he could get a job for the Enquirer with this crap