50 Cent’s Amazing Weight Loss Secrets

50 Cent skinny

Wow check out the new and improved skinny 50 Cent. He looks great!

After years of struggling with his weight and diets, 50 Cent (slave name Curtis Jackson) has finally found the secret to a sexy bikini body guys would kill for.

According to 50 Cent his amazing weight loss was due to a strict liquid diet, and walking nine miles a day. 50 Cent would not divulge which liquids in particular he was using, but we here at Celeb Jihad are ready to speculate that it was probably liquid meth.

However he lost the weight, I think we can all agree that 50 Cent looks amazing. You go boy!

  • mashedpotatohead

    He looks amazing! good for him he was a real fatty.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      I agree! He does. We should all take up his diet.

  • MATT

    You dumbasses He lost that weight for a roll in an upcoming movie. why would he want to look like a crazy crackhead?

  • Mr As Whole

    See what happens when you let Dre n Jimmy go in raw on you

  • your di=umbbbbDip shits

    omgee way happend to my sexy baby. . and those first too are crack heads

  • lalalal

    I wish I was that skinny.

    • Xannon

      I told my gradonmther how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  • yazz

    Umm yall knw he wasnt fat rite he was really muscular n he lost it for a movie role

  • n-dogg

    now he looks like that little ethipoian kid i used to sponsor.

  • tunada

    50 cents is nice