17-Year-Old Ariana Grande Wet In A Bikini GIF

Ariana Grande bikini

In an effort to pull more of the key pedophile demographic from The Disney Channel, the perverts at Nickelodeon put underage Ariana Grande in a bikini and squirted her with water.

The scene was for the Nickelodeon show “Victorious” which stars lolitas Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, and it definitely did the trick as Nickelodeon saw a 3 point bump in the ratings among known sex offenders. Which is impressive considering a good amount of sex offenders are just in to diddling boys.

The scene below of Ariana Grande in a bikini is a major escalation in the dispute on who can sexualize children best for ratings, between The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. It will be interesting to see what sort of sick stunt Disney will respond with.

Ariana Grande bikini

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      • brian

        its obvious your not even trully ritous…saying that being with a 9 year old is ok? i just fell upon this website and you all make me absolutly sick. Anybody that wants to be with someone that hasnt even been through puberty is a ped..much less, somebody under the age of 18. your all going to hell, and about islam taking over the western world? have you been watching the news, or even been to iraq, iran, or anywhere east? the only war we have ever lost (the usa) was the viatnam war and we only lost because we were fighting a quirilla war, come here and we will destroty anybody in the world…its been happening for for almost 300 years, and if you think somebody with a bomb starpped to thier back is gonna make us retreat…you havent met anybody like me..you wouldnt stand a chance…sandgoogles anyways..

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  • Victoria’s Lover

    Notice they have yet to prove that they are ACTUAL Muslims….horrible pathetic liars, cool story bro

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      One thing is for certain…you’ve proven to all, that you’re an asshole.

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      • Victoria’s Lover

        Still no proof, only insults, wow, you should bathe in some WP

        • fuckmusslims

          Hey victoria lover if u look up abdullah the butcher and look at his wikipedia ull learn hes a christian wrestler from Atlanta Georgia

  • Brianna

    I have seen this pic many times before… i am younger than you think.

  • ariana grane is way hotter than victoria justice

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  • Seriously?

    It disappoints me that the only people who comment on this are a fake terrorist and a screaming person.

    Seriously, “abdullah”, you’re views on the islamic religion are /very/ flawed. In addition, your constant use of terrorist references are also becoming predictable. But by this comment, I’m not saying that muslums and terrorists are the same thing. In fact, the middle eastern population is a minority of islamic religion.

    Anyhoo, on the topic of the /actual/ post, for someone who’s so against pedophiles, it seemed interesting that you decided to post a slow motion picture of Ariana Grande being sprayed with water.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sore ass

      You are ignorant beyond even infidel standards.
      pedophilia is sexual attraction to prepubescent individuals. Someone attracted to a biologically mature female does not qualify but then…you are a dumbass.

      If you think you are disappointed now….just think how you would feel to watch us Muslims rape all your female relatives and burn your shack of a house.

      It will be a reality when Islam takes over!

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      • fuckmusslims

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    • 8======D

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  • Happy Infidel

    I am beginning to see the Islamic faith nothing but sex, sex and more sex. That’s all the assholes post on here….They spend hours on end finding pictures of half nude celebrities and if its just an innocent pic of a girl drinking milk, then OMG!! they accuse her of drinking cum.

    Nothing but a sick bunch of muthafuckers and now we know they are not real Muslims…..Absolutely not!!!! Real dedicated Muslims would not even have such a site as this one. Even they are appalled.

    I actually have a feeling that this site was made to make the real Muslims look bad. They really know nothing of the Q’uran from what I observed. Maybe they wrote their own Q’uran for all we know…Yea that’s it!! These brainless wonders have made their own laws!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      The Prophet (PBUH) obtained the law from Allah and we follow it to the letter.

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  • Happy Infidel

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    this is not even about the fking pic anymore.
    you al disagree so fuck it
    every1 has its ow opinion dont try to force some1 else to believe the same.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      don’t have a brain

      My opinion of you, is that you’re a google and an infidel.

      Get off this site. We already have more googles than we want.

  • abdulla oblongata

    Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Lets have a look at the evidence:

    – No Christmas? – No television? – No nude women!?! – No football? – No pork chops?
    – No hot dogs? – No burgers? – No beer!?!
    – No bacon? – Rags for clothes?

    – Towels for hats?

    – Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower?

    – More than one wife?

    – More than one mother in law!?!

    – You can’t shave? – Your wife can’t shave?

    – You can’t wash off the smell of donkey?

    – You wipe your ass with your hand?

    – You cook over burning camel shit?

    – Your wife is picked by someone else for you?

    – and your wife smells worse than your donkey??

    Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”?? Well, no shit, Sherlock!…. It’s not like it could get much worse…

    • Fuck Taliban

      Shit bro, that was burn. Maybe I should give abdullbrain some ice with that burn. And Abdullah, you just wait. Not only are we seriously superior to you pigs, but we have Israel AND God, Jesus and All the saints in heaven on our side. You have? Fucking retarted suicidal “homoqueers” as you call them blowing themselves up so they can get what? 72 virgins? Yeah, I bet that they are fucking 40 year old dudes play some gay shit game like “Magic 2013” or some othe gayness, so to recap, FUCK THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! THE USA WILL PREVAIL!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        foul infidel

        Getting ‘ass-raped” by your uncle has clearly fucked up your mind and made you a homo-erotic mess.
        You had best hide out at your glory hole because if a Muslim sees you…your cock sucking days are over. He will shoot you in the face with the AK-47.

        Ha….I was kidding. Go find a Muslim so he can shoot you in the face!

      • Arcachnar

        Superior? In what way? Do you really think that barging into countries without any thought out plans (not to mention without any clues about other cultures) and thinking that YOU have THE right to bring ‘democracy’ with violence gives you any superiority?

        Israel? They only using your country for their own plans. Why else, would they blackmail your country with the WWII history. Giving your country a bad concience.

  • abdulla oblongata

    abdullah the butcher licks my ass

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a perverted asshole and a lying homoqueer.

      Had we met, you would be in no shape to write filthy comments. My knife would have been stuck into your filthy gullet and you would be dead as a sand dune.

      eat shit and die infidel

      • Rodney The King

        ya dat wat i sayin. brutha Aboolah u tell dat infantile wat it is. sho nuf!

        • BigName 01

          what is wrong with muslims why must it always be about violence no wonder the spanish tried to kill as many of you as possible during the spanish inquisition. you are all a disgrace to the human race everything is about religion well let me tell you one thing you brainwashed dumbasses theres no such thing as allah there is no muslim God there is one but why would he care for you cockroaches. Instead dont focus on religion and free your mind instead of acting like complete idiots. I cant wait for America to destroy all of you

          • theheadchimp

            BigName 01 asshole
            America is going broke in case you hadn’t noticed. The googles and Mexicans are destroying America city by city. Hell we may not even have to bother because you dumb fucks are doing it yourself.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            big gay mofo

            If you think the great satan (usa) can defeat Islam you’re going to be one disappointed asshole. Us Muslims will rule the usa and assholes like you will pay for your disrespectul comments.

          • fuckmusslims


  • Stupiedtowelheads

    dear abdullah first of all your a dumb half google spic inbred fuck that runs around with a towel on his head. oh yeah and your going to rule america? okay that’s why you and your half google people have been sitting in some god forsaken desert their whole exsistance and still haven’t discovered how dispose of your shit properly. your like cavemen red necks that expect budda or alamalnesjg or whatever his fucking retarded name is to give you a reward in heaven because you blew up innocent people because you’ve been so brainwashed by your fucked up beliefs. your going to get a rude awaking in heaven when god casts your filthy ass into the pits off hell with all the other damn Muslims in that hell hole. its been like what 5000 years and you still haven’t modernized any of your cities in the fucking middle east while america did it in around 300 and is now one of the most vast nations in the world and you expect to conquer it your so damn stupid. So when you and your shit head towel wearing Arabs stop killing women for not wearing something over there face and learn what a toilet is talk to me than. and please dont just right back “mofo” and “no brain” i mean what are you six? oh wait i forgot you and your kind are retarded. Thats what i call a bitch slap 1-america 0-middle east

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      stupid american

      My agents reported the other day that an american general said that 75% of the us population between 17 and 25 is not fit for military service.

      You degenerate assholes are in a world of trouble because 100% of us Muslims are ready for Jihad.

      eat shit and die you no brain mofo

      • MikeIssacLoganFrank

        Hmm, you see that is where you are wrong. Actually, you are wrong in everything you do, but, I dare you, no, I WANT you to try to come into any of the Southern Staes in the USA. We have more guns than maybe an entire squad of Marines per household. And believe me, we aren’t afraid to drop some Pig’s blood on you’re dead body after we add 100% Kick ass lead into you. Thanks. And for the record, your agent is a dumbshit. As with the rest of you.

  • your not helping anyone

    please abdullah the butcher stop with the hate i know Islam and Christianity i have well over very dedicated Muslim friend who are very nice and well mannered they dont have to prove to allah that by killing infidels that they are worthy of him , ok and i am a christian i believe that Jesus Christ dies for all of our sins and by is strikes we are healed ad blessed more abundant , and please to the other so called Christians you have no right to call abdullah a fake Muslim because you are not a real christian either ,we believe in grace and that it is more powerful than law… abdullah i am not sure that you know but Islam and Christianity are from the same origin by calling Christianity fake you are also calling the origins or Islam fake, christians call their god “GOD” and Muslims call their good “Allah” they are both the same god just seen in very different perspective form each side Islam doesnt believe that Christ, where as we believe in Christ dying for our sins so that we may be pure ones again and prosper … brother abdullah please stop this Allah would not want you to strain contaminate your self by posting these graphical comment as they leave you restless , and i have been to the mosque and i have participated in the 1 month fasting with my Muslim friends they have taught me about their religion and i see many familiarities with the old christian testament ( old testament is before Christ) and Islam

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you’re crazy

      I did not know that jesus belonged to a union but if you think that “by his strikes you are healed” that’s your problem.

      Also, Islam looks to Abraham as the first man that Allah decided to contact. That makes us Muslims the chosen people.
      Also, us Muslims spit on the idea of jesus being the son of Allah. That is beyond crazy and nowhere can you find proof of this allegation.

      Your crazy bible was written by people who never knew your jesus and all that supernatural stuff about him was made up to add “umph” to an otherwise dull theology.

      No…you are the dumbass and if you had any sense, you would convert to Islam.


  • your not helping anyone

    abudullah , jesus was an angel like lucifer but lucifer wanted the human race to be controlled ad not given free will where jesus did not want this and said that we should be free to make our own opinions , ans satan gathered many other angels to rebel against gos thus the fallen angels and lucifer were cast out of heaven and into hell…good refered to them both as son Lucifer was the first and said to be the most beautiful and Jesus second he represented kindness and compassion lucifer wanted control …so by disapproving that jesus exists your are denying that the devil exist right ? and please have some respect to others belief because as much as you think your religion is the truest so do many others and for all i know maybe islam is the true religion of god and i have made my peace , i hope that you to can have yours :)

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Jesus was a mortal prophet not an angel or the son of Allah.

      In the future, don’t waste time writing your ignorant comments, they mean shit to us Muslims

      • BigName 01

        you sir are very stupid and for your information your fake god is stupid he doesnt support anything any of you do and what if america has other ethnicities all countries have them. Mexicans and Blacks arent the only ones that destroy cities. You dumb pieces of shit are. AND I LAUGH AT YOUR IDEA THAT YOU CAN DEFEAT THE USA. The usa is the most powerful military country in the world with only one nuke you will all be dead. But they choose not to do so. The fact that you think its satan is incredulous what leaves you pieces of shit to believe that. its the most modern and most advanced country and has done barley anything to you guys. the things they have done they had reason to and if you ever get to rule the USA you half monkeys the same blacks and mexicans will destroy you because there is no god on your side but on our side we have modern weapons many soldiers and other countries helping us

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          bigdumbass IQ 01

          You stupid mofo.
          If your god is on your side, how come your cities are infested with googles, wetbacks and homoqueers?
          That’s evidence that your pretend jew god is out of town and nowhere to be found.

          The real truth is, that Allah is disgusted with you immoral infidels, and he is orchestrating your downfall and demise.
          Us Muslims are taking over, and the infidels like you, who hate it the most, will be the first ones executed.

          Now go and preach to the googles and see how long your throat stays uncut.

          • Abdullah

            The only reason your cities are ‘infested with googles, wetbacks and homoqueers’ Is because all you muslim extremist kill them on entry, doesn’t look like allah’s decision to me. More like you half-witted morons

    • Fallen ANgel

      Satan was cast out of hell because he did not like the way that god favored humans over the angels Micheal the arch angel battled Lucifer and his angels and he cast them from heaven, lucifer took with him an small army of followers and god gave him power over the domain of earth and hell. He was said to be the most handsome of the angels and he was a supreme narcicist as a result. Jesus was a mortal prophet but he was a rebellious fearless bad ass who’s father gave him unlimited vision and power, Jesus was the original street thug that took on injustice and poverty like a soldier. Jesus promoted tolerance acceptance and love, while Satan preached the opposite.

      Now I am not even a Christian but it sounds to me that Abdullah and the Chump or more like Satan worshippers than Muslims following the word of Alah. Unless Alah is Satan and we have all been fooled all along.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        fallen turd

        Go fuck yourself heathen. Us Muslims don’t waste our time on trash like you.

        • kwiemakala

          And why should the rest of the world waste time on trash like you, Abdullah?

        • White power

          I’ve got a big shit and I ran out of toilet paper may I please borrow that rag on your head?

          • Photographer

            Mr.Abdullah that one photoshoot that I took for you and
            Mr.Bin-Laden was quite the shoot, considering that there
            Was nothing to take any pictures of.

  • your not helping anyone

    and you also cant say that if your bombing killing infedel give the virgin right all i am asking is stop the hate go on with your life cuz this is the lasting i am posting on this website then i am going to close the tab and delete my history so i wont see what you have to insult me back but all i know is if you are this devoted then god/allah loves you alot and will bring your blessings and wealth and health anyway we share the same god just see it from different views so with this i wish you happiness and peace .

  • raelynn

    alright i will admit that this is pretty whorish, but this is her character. cat, not her. sont call her a whore because she is following a script.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      How the fuck do you know what she’s like in real life?
      You don’t asshole, so shut up.
      If you check the internet you’ll find out that she’s made a sex tape and she loves gang bangs.

      • hi


  • GaragexKast

    Doesn’t anyone care how hot she is????

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Garbage fest

      If she wants to be hot, she can be hot in my tent wearing a burka.
      As long as she acts like a common whore, she is an enemy of Islam and will be judged in Shariah Court and then found guilty and stoned.


        Listen up Abdullah. You wanna know the reason we don’t stone people? Because of STRUCTURED government. They take our guns away, you wanna know what happens? I think you know. But unlike us, you pieces of garbage already had them taken away. So you can’t do anything about it now, all you can do is throw stones at people. We can shoot them. You try to invade our country, you get shot. We try to invade yours, and we get stoned. Who wins that one?

      • fuckmusslims

        If u fuckin touch Ariana ill find u and kill u just like i did Bin Laden. Then ill fuckin dumb u in the Atlantic Ocean then ill watch u drown com too me and try me u fuckin wife beating taliban lovin smart ellick wannabe terrorist pussy

  • MiddleGround

    Look. Mr. Butcher says there is no proof of Christ being Gods son, acting as if there’s any more proof that killing others results in the acquistion of virigins. YOU ARE BOTH BASING ALL OF YOUR BELIEFS ONB BOOKS! BOOKS WRITTEN BY MAN! The truth is both sides are brainwashed. And let’s be serious. 25% of American men 17-25 still outnumbers that number of radicals you have in the Middle East. Honestly, you say America is poor, your countries have ALWAYS been poor. You live on a giant mirror-in-the-making… As for our immorality… Who is the one purposefully going out to find pics of scantily clad underage women? And I want to know why you’d ever marry a 9 year old? Are they good conversation? If they can’t bear children, why not just wait until they can? As for Americans, why do you give a fuck what they think. They can’t do anything about it. They kill a thousand of us in a MASSIVE SCALE attack. We’ll go over and over the weekend kills tens of thousands nonchalantly simply because we can. They work years to kill a smaller number of us, than it takes for us to decide in several hours. Think about it. They had to steal one of our planes because they just don’t have any. They’re pathetic, they’re dirt, but so are you. And they aren’t dirt because they are Muslim, they are dirt because they are self-righteous bigots who can’t see their own bigotry and hypocracy. The true crime here is that instead of concentrating on being human, we concentrate on being in our giant cults we like to call religion. It’s time to realize, the world is falling, not one group or the other. If ANY of us hopes to survive we should find a common goal and unite in it instead of using the last of our resources to blow each others limbs off…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      middle mofo

      I suppose you think that we pay attention to your long-winded rant in all caps?

      Well asshole, we dont.
      That big ass speech was a waste of time on your part. It was stupid and it screamed “closet homoqueer.”

      Us Muslims are kicking the shit out of america and her pussified allies. Soon all of america will be reading the Qur’an and all decent looking infidel women will be pregnant with the children of powerful Muslims.

      Also…since you are big on uniting. You can plan on uniting your lips with the asshole of my camel.

      Pucker up mofo.

  • Someone

    Why are the people of this world so cruel to talk so bad about another one of your own kind? We are all human beings and we all deserve respect even though we may have different beliefs it doesnt mean we have to treat eachother like crap. Everybody has their own beliefs and no one should have the right to change what they stand up for. Cant we all just get along?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      someone stupid

      You infidels are all subhuman assholes.
      Muslims are the only real humans

  • Some Guy

    It´s not sexual offensive at all ! She´s in a hot bikini and gets wet ( dont understand that wrong ) and that´s all.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      some gay

      You infidels are too stupid to understand why dressing like a whore is wrong and that’s why you mofos need us Muslims to run things for you.

  • Rolly

    First off NOBODY is BETTER then ANYBODY!!!! Second off religion was created by a bunch of people back in the day cause they knew that if they could tell people where they would go after they die and that there was some divine father watching over us they would become rich and powerful! AND what did the churches become?? THE MOST richest and powerfulest entity in the world! It was our ignorence that brought the scourge of religion upon us! If u think about it back then we would kill midwives for giving birth cause we thought they where witches! We killed people that thought the world was round cause it was against the norm! Back then we belived ANYTHING that would give us answers! The comfort of religion was somthing we needed back in the day! But now its rediculous!!!!! Come on! the bible says that gods gift to man was freedom of choice! But then it says our names r already in the book of lambs so he knows who goes to heaven and who dosent!! TALK ABOUT CONTRADICTIONS!!! Wake up and smell the coffee guys!!!!!!

  • Doowangle

    I just wanted to make a comment to say I can’t believe how much time you two losers (rolly and abdullah) have spent arguing on this page, you two are both equally sad and pathetic.

    Seriously, go outside and maybe both of you wouldn’t be so angry and alone. It makes me sad that intelligent people actually have to share a planet with you two goofballs.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      turd burglar

      I ain’t too crazy about sharing the planet with you cock sucking homoqueers. That’s why when Islam takes over , it will be “homo extinction day” for you perverts.

      • alpha wolf 117

        abdullah so you need a fucking knife to fight you fucking pussy, i will kick your ass even without a knife because even if 75 percent of americans are unfit for the military tnat 25 percent is more than enough to kill all 100 percent of you muslim pussy bastards. oh yeah and you think muslims are the only real humans, youll see how human you are when an american soilder pumps you so full of lead i can pick you up with a magnet. your probably not even muslim, your probably just a pussy ass insecure schoolboy whos crazy as hell. what muslim says mofo. thats a google word, fraud. oh and if u havent noticed, america’s been kicking your pussy asses for more than ten years , and well keep on until we exterminate the very last one of u scum. but we dont need to kill u because u seem content to blow yourself and 20 more of ur own people up on the street outside your house. go suck duck and just wait, vecause america will kill u and all your buddies too, ignorant bastard.

        • haroon

          alpha wolf 117 are you talking about all muslums that are weak you mean talibans right

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          wolf shit

          Us Muslims invented the word mofo and to claim that anything was invented by googles is retarded…even for an infidel.
          Also, your mighty u.s. of a. army ran out of Iraq as fast as their spindly legs could take them because us Muslims (especially in Tikrit) kicked the double shit out of their faggy asses. And they even still cry about it.

          when Islam takes over..you’ll know first hand what an Islamic ass-kicking is all about.

          Prepare to die mofo!


  • theheadchimp

    Its too bad you are so sad……….It makes me sad that you sad you fucking idiot.

  • kwiemakala

    i am agnostic, so trying to peg me as any religion is a waste of time. However, you seem to be an ignorant asshole who has no goal other than to spread his religion. So think about this. You have called christianity bullshit, but there is no evidence to say that any religion is true or not, and quite honestly, you are not representing your religion well, therefore, i can conclude that your religion is as much bullshit as you say christianity is. Or at least your just full of shit. Either way, you are currently not a contributing part of society, therefore, you and everything you say, is worthless to me.

  • kwiemakala

    Also, if muslims are the only real humans, why are you acting so inhuman?

    • IHateCelebs


      Please stop defiling this holy jihadi website with your filth.

      • kwiemakala

        I am not. I am not against any religion. The people who are defiling it are the over zealous extremists. Also, all websites are created by men, not by a god, and therefore, a website cannot be holy.

  • fuck muslim shit

    you fucking muslims are dumb shit. there’s a reason why you live in third world countries. allah can eat shit. but too bad he doesn’t exist

  • theheadchimp

    Fucking asshole
    You have no business bitching about other countries………Washington DC, Detroit, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Flint, Kansas City, all google infested violent shitholes!

    • alpha wolf 117

      head chimp shut the fuck up, you are fucking so damn ignorant, you just get on the internet and talk cuz you think your so damn tough, pussy, tell me your address and i will stop by and kixk your ass, because it easy to talk shit with a screen in front of your face, not a fist. pussy ass bastard. ps: dont write another bullshit comment unless it has your address so i can kick your pussy ass.

  • Farzaneh the Midwife

    All of North America is a giant sh*thole. F*ck, Everywhere but the middle is a sh*thole.

  • kwiemakala

    I must agree. I do not like living in america. I will be moving to europe at some future time. But id rather be in america than the middle east. We may be infested with googles as you say, but we dont have to worry about getting bombed walking down the street.

  • Allah

    How can you justify this shit in my name? You shitheads do not even know what my will is, so stop proclaiming you do. Should this slander continue, you all shall be punished!

  • Some Guy

    Just let the past behind. Just do it like me: Change to Islam ( im not 18 yet, so i cant do that) , live a easy and harmonic life and don´t argue with somebody. enough said.

  • alpha wolf 117

    this isnt even about the picture anymore, it a bash the muslim pussy and stupid ass chimp session, oh yeah, u both suck and you can go fuck yourself.

    • theheadchimp

      alpha wolf 117
      You post like you got shit for brains. You think you are bad then post your fucking address to prove it. I see chicken shitted cocksuckers like you every day. You shake in your little girly shoes unless you got 25 of your posse to help you talk big. Post your own address or shut the fuck up…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      alpha turd

      This ain’t your kindergarten class boy. When you run that mouth….expect to have those teeth knocked out….which, as an unintended consequence, would make you more popular at the glory hole.

      • theheadchimp

        Then he could get hisself some gold teef and sheet and be a pretty boy…

  • Stop arguing

    Look does it really matter. If the middle eastern people want to think that America is infested with blacks. Who cares cause the most powerful man in the world is black. If Americans think that the middle east is a shithole, they can think that too but it doesn’t fuckin matter. Do any of you know the story of the crusades when islams and Christians used to get along? But one group of extremists took it too far. That’s what you creepd are doing here!

    • theheadchimp

      Stupid ass
      You better study history before you post shit you know nothing about. And you know jack shit about the crusades. And if you think the most powerful man in the world is black then you are even dumber than I thought. That half google is just a pawn, its laughable that anyone would think a douche bag like Obammy even got to be president without whitey owning his black ass.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      stupid mofo

      The dumbass americans elected a bow-legged yard ape as president and now they all sit and complain that he’s stupid or lazy or a big liar or has communist friends or is an ass kisser of foreigners.
      What the kenyan coon really wants is to have all you fancy americans living like african assholes…..which means sitting around a shack swatting flies and looking out for snakes and lions.
      This is good for us Muslims because soon you filthy usa dogs will be too poor, hungry and weak to even try and fight off the Islamic takeover of your shitty, ghetto filled sewer of a country, us Muslims call… “the great satan.”

      Also….Obama wasn’t given the suitcase with the nuclear attack codes. Instead, his suitcase is filled with cans of colt 45.

      • Robin

        I would pop your head open and talk some sence into them if I could. Seriously, I’m Dutch, but I wish the USA would just fucking nuke your poor excuse of a country and wipe it off the face of the planet. You’re all no good assholes and think that we are all corrupt, but you’re the one trying to force YOUR way’s on US not the other way around! So please America, just nuke the bastards, PLEASE!!!

  • scot harvath

    i will be coming for all of you gay homos a when i do you will end up in hell raped by demons in hell you fuckin ass holes ill make you look like osama bin laden and i hope youll all be forced to have 72 pig virgins and you will reproduce your famous prophet 72 times over you will then be forced to eat your virgins

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      scot homoqueer

      Do not use this site as a “homoqueer dating service.”
      If you want gay sex, do like all the other infidels and go and stand in the rest room of your nearest truck stop.

      • Dan

        Funniest troll I’ve ever seen in my life!

      • Anonymous

        Yo umm mister butcher or whatever the fuck your name is i just reported this shit to homeland so u might wanna fuck off btw here im america we dont fuck 9 uyr pls girls cause thats called beinh a pedaphile as is fucking 12 yr olss dipshit and if u just fuck for reproduction ur a fuckibng loser

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          an anus licker

          Um…mr. faggot or whatever the fuck your name is…you can report your ass to homeland security…as a leading source of AIDS and herpes in the homoqueer population.

          your american females are all whores by 9…so us Muslims want nothing to do with them.

          also, it is too bad your mother stayed drunk and took drugs the while she was knocked up with you. Had she not been a drunken slut…you might not be brain damaged now.
          But you are and I dont give a shit.

          eat shit and die mofo