10 Little Known Facts About Gary Busey

gary busey

10) Gary Busey’s diet consists almost entirely of bark and dolphin meat.

9) In 2004 the city of Newport Beach selected Gary Busey to host the annual Newport Autism Charity Banquet, an honor that caused him to boil his pets in disgust.

8) Gary Busey has a strong fear of the handicapped.

7) Gary Busey will only speak to people who are his exact same height.

6) One of Gary Busey’s favorite pastimes is sneezing in other people’s homes.

5) Gary Busey’s favorite digging stance is orthodox.

4) Gary Busey has binocular vision.

3) Gary Busey has a DNA fetish.

2) A woman once tried to sass Gary Busey for running over her dog. He threw a cup of urine in her face and attempted to baptize her.

1) Gary Busey has fucked over 50 different types of mammals.

  • Jay


  • Slipstream

    LOVE IT.
    Gary Busey is fast becoming one of my favorite people in the world. My only wish is I could set him up with my Aunt. My Aunt loves him and I am starting to see why. She has his voice on her GPS that she got from Navtones.com, she owns the series of “I’m with Gary Busey” and often looks for him on youtube. She did show me a funny one the other day. When on youtube put in “A day in the life of Gary Busey”, funny stuff.
    Or click on the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG_I8wlFYyY

    In this video it has Busey speaking about eating roadside kill. What a guy!

  • Love it too. is it Gary Busey or my science teacher in high school ?

  • PeterMontee

    Matchless phrase ;)

  • P-Dogg

    Haha number one is too funny

  • KPBL

    Number 2 is fuckin’ solid!!!

  • Justin Case

    where was this information found?

  • mmcivicker

    We all have a little Busey in us at some point in our lives.

  • ray mccallum

    What are some interesting/ fun facts about Justin Bieber’s single Never Let You Go?

  • Pants Alive

    I’m afraid of the handicapped as well. They’re not too dangerous in day to day life, but when they’re in their true combat form (stacked 3 high) there is nothing known to man that is deadlier.