Taylor Momsen thong

Newly 18-year-old “Gossip Girl” star Taylor Momsen continued on her traveling teen sex show, this time appearing in a see-through outfit and thong as you can see in the pictures below.

Momsen, who has been prostituting her body to the general public since she was 16-years-old, appears to be stepping up her whore game by showing not just her tits but her ass as well.

It takes some pop stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry years to figure out they are only popular because they show their nearly nude bodies. By slutty it up like this early, Taylor Momsen has all but assured her self great success in the kuffar music industry. Just wait and see!


Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen flash

As you can see in the video above, 17-year-old singer and stripper Taylor Momsen continued to “shock” the Western establishment by exposing her underage boobs.

Of course Taylor Momsen flashing her teenage breasts would not shock a Muslim because we are a progressive religion, and understand 2 fundamental truths that the backwards West fails to grasp.

The first truth is that all women when left to their own devices will become tremendous whores. As Taylor Momsen shows by repeatedly flashing her boobs, women are weak-minded creatures who know no other way to express themselves except through the use of sex.

The second truth (stemming from the first one) is that to protect her virtue, a woman should be married off at as young an age as possible. If Taylor Momsen would of been brought up in a civilized Muslim country she would of been married well before her 12th birthday, and you damn well better believe she wouldn’t be out flashing her titties right now.

Until the primitive Western nations understand these basic truths about women they will continue to have a base societies infested with whores like Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen sex show

“Gossip Girl” star, singer, and 17-year-old slut Taylor Momsen is performing her teen sex show in Europe this summer. As you can in the pictures below Taylor Momsen flashes her underage breasts and ass to the crowds in the vain hope of distracting them from her horrible music.

While Taylor Momsen obviously has some lucrative deal with a nipple tape manufacturer we can not help but feel that at 17-years-old she should be spending her time doing other things besides putting on sex shows for throngs of horny Europeans. For instance marrying a Muslim man and birthing him at least 3 children by now.

Yes these pictures of Taylor Momsen are an excellent example of what happens when you follow the foolish infidel practice of not marrying off a woman when she reaches the breeding age of 12. When left to her own devices Taylor Momsen (like all women) inevitably became a tremendous whore.


Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen satan

Teenage actress, singer, and gutter skank Taylor Momsen showed her allegiance to Satan in the picture above by wearing a t-shirt that says “I fuck for Satan”.

Now I tend to give celebrities a hard time on this site for acts of sluttery and Satan worship, but surprisingly I actually find Taylor Momsen’s blatant honesty refreshing.

All celebrities are Satan-worshiping whores, so it is great to see someone finally fess up to it. Though of course Taylor Momsen should be lashed immediately and vigorously for her indiscretions.

By confessing to being the Devil’s dumpster slut, Taylor Momsen has shown that she is nothing if not honest. However, the same can not be said for other young Hollywood stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Victoria Justice. They should learn from Taylor Momsen’s example and confess their sins, because by continuing their hypocrisy they only anger Allah further and incur an even greater wrath.

Taylor Momsen

16 year old Taylor Momsen has longed blamed her parents for turning her into the back alley hooker we know her as today. Celeb Jihad just uncovered video supporting Taylor’s claim of abuse.

As you can see in the video below, Taylor Momsen suffered a significant trauma when she was forced to pretend to enjoy a putrid chicken seasoning known as “Shake ‘N Bake”. Allah only knows how many takes and lashings it took to get this final shot.

After seeing this horrific video of Taylor Momsen as a child being forced to pretend to enjoy Shake N Bake it is no wonder she has turned into the filthy whore she is today. One can only imagine how many c*cks she is going to have to suck to get that revolting taste out of her mouth.

Her fame whore parents should be put down for this abuse, but only after Taylor Momsen is stoned for the crime of sluttery. Because unfortunately for Taylor, Sharia law cares not for childhood sob stories. Allahu Akbar!

Taylor Momsen

16 year old Taylor Momsen just loves showing off her dirty underage cleavage to the world because she is part of a Zionist plot to sexualize children.

You see underage whores like Taylor Momsen are used to serve as role models to children in the Western world. The Zionists leaders believe if they can sexualize kids then they will become docile adults who will accept their roles as consumerist slaves.

The majority of civil unrest throughout history has been started by young males. The Zionists in the West know this and to counter it they’ve taught girls at a very young age that is cool to be a whore. No guy is going to try and overthrow a system that has had him getting sloppy BJs from girls like Taylor Momsen since he was 13 years old.

Yes Taylor Momsen, Internet porn, and hormones in the food supply are all part of a nefarious Zionist plot to control the masses, by sexualizing the youth. By providing immediate gratification for all urges the population of the Western world has become submissive.

Thankfully Allah in his infinite wisdom has taught us Muslims to restrain our urges thus making us unconquerable with our mighty sexual frustrations. Nice try Taylor Momsen but put those teenage titties away they will not work on us. Allahu Akbar!


Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen