Taylor Momsen Puts On Teen Sex Show

“Gossip Girl” star, singer, and 17-year-old slut Taylor Momsen is performing her teen sex show in Europe this summer. As you can in the pictures below Taylor Momsen flashes her underage breasts and ass to the crowds in the vain hope of distracting them from her horrible music. While Taylor Momsen obviously has some lucrative ..

Taylor Momsen Admits Having Satanic Sex

Teenage actress, singer, and gutter skank Taylor Momsen showed her allegiance to Satan in the picture above by wearing a t-shirt that says “I fuck for Satan”. Now I tend to give celebrities a hard time on this site for acts of sluttery and Satan worship, but surprisingly I actually find Taylor Momsen’s blatant honesty ..

Taylor Momsen Childhood Trauma Video

16 year old Taylor Momsen has longed blamed her parents for turning her into the back alley hooker we know her as today. Celeb Jihad just uncovered video supporting Taylor’s claim of abuse. As you can see in the video below, Taylor Momsen suffered a significant trauma when she was forced to pretend to enjoy ..

Taylor Momsen’s Dirty Underage Cleavage

16 year old Taylor Momsen just loves showing off her dirty underage cleavage to the world because she is part of a Zionist plot to sexualize children. You see underage whores like Taylor Momsen are used to serve as role models to children in the Western world. The Zionists leaders believe if they can sexualize ..

Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Underage Boobs

17-year-old struggling musical artist Taylor Momsen, tried to expressed herself onstage this weekend by flashing her underage tits. Unfortunately Taylor’s message fell flat as she was forced to self-censor, and place black tape over her supple young nipples. What a shame it is that Taylor Momsen is oppressed by backwards Western society, were girls under ..

Taylor Momsen Upskirt Sets Good Example

Take a moment and think back to a time when something embarrassing happened to you. Now imagine that embarrassing thing happening to you over and over again in front of a large group of people. Now you may have a small understanding of what 16 year old Taylor Momsen had to go through while performing ..

Taylor Momsen Smoking Hard Nipples

Well it turns out I was wrong about Taylor Momsen. No not that she is a piece of gutter trash, but that she is 16-years-old. Because in the pictures below she is smoking and not wearing a bra. Both of which are illegal for 16-year-olds to do in America. I am starting to get concerned ..

Taylor Momsen Dresses Like A Cheap Hooker

I know what you are probably thinking “Who is that cheap hooker? And would she give me a discount if my friend Gino and I banged her at the same time?” Well I’ll have you know that the girl in the pictures below is not some filthy disease ridden streetwalker, but none other than Taylor ..

Taylor Momsen Tells Haiti To Piss Off

Taylor Momsen the 16-year-old star of the hit CW show “Gossip Girl” showed her complete indifference when asked about the so call “tragedy” in Haiti. While promoting her new celebrity fragrance at Victoria’s Secret in New York, Taylor was asked about her thoughts on the earthquake in Haiti and she replied: “Um, right now I’m ..