Miley Cyrus spread eagle

As you can see in the photos below, Miley Cyrus has taken one step closer to showing it all by spreading eagle on stage in even thinner latex panties than usual while performing in Sydney, Australia on her Bangerz tour.

Clearly it is just a matter of time before Miley Cyrus lowers the bar even more and begins showing her shaved pussy and bleached asshole during her shows, for Miley is an innovator and always at the forefront of degeneracy in Western popular culture.

It is simply inevitable that infidel pop music will eventually degrade into outright pornography. Already the lyrical content of most top pop songs reads like the screenplay to a particularly crass low budget snuff film. However, instead of condemning Miley Cyrus us pious Muslims applaud her for being honest about what a pop star is and what they are used for (as she embraces being a whore who sells sex to the base unwashed masses), and look forward to her accelerating the decline of the West with her whorish antics.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus topless

Miley Cyrus shows off her perky little tits while sunbathing completely topless on the rooftop of her hotel in Sydney, Australia in the photos below.

Once again Miley exemplifies Muslim virtue by going to this rooftop and exposing her breasts. For Miley was no doubt compelled by the Blessed Prophet himself to rise towards the heavens and give him a peak at them titties.

As everyone knows the Prophet Muhammad was the greatest cocksman to ever walk the earth, so it should come as no surprise that even from the afterlife he is getting women. Miley Cyrus no doubt pleased him greatly with this view of her childlike unfeminine body, as it would remind him of his child wife Aisha. What an honor it must be for Miley to know that she is being peeped on from the heavens. No doubt when she eventually martyrs herself and reaches paradise she will take a place of honor, as a concubine in the Prophet Muhammad’s harem.


Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus topless

Miley Cyrus just posted the above topless photo which shows her nipples replaced by alien heads to her Instagram.

This topless Miley Cyrus pic is filled with Masonic imagery warning the people about the evil Zionist Illuminati cabal that is hell-bent on enslaving humanity. Miley blows the lid off this Satanic conspiracy by bringing to light (sunbathing) the fact that Jews are shape-shifting reptilians from outer space (the alien heads) that thrive off of profiting from sinful female sexual expression (her nipples).

However, Miley Cyrus did not stop there, as Miley then had her assistant post the photo below of her showing her bare butt while sleeping next to her bunched up semen-stained sweatpants to his Instagram.

Miley Cyrus butt

Clearly with this butt photo Miley is commenting on how the Zionist controlled media uses sex to placate the infidel masses into a sleep like stupor. She also is making a statement about the importance of using a good laundry detergent to break down protein deposits that may form on garments… powerful symbolism and powerful messages from an unquestionably righteous woman.

The Snappening

It is being reported that the popular nude picture sharing chat app known as “Snapchat” has been hacked, and hundreds of thousands of explicit photos and videos are about to be leaked online, in what is being called “The Snappening”.

The leak will allegedly occur in a giant searchable database, so that infidel guys can look up their girlfriends’ names and see that they have been sending nude pictures to strange men and infidel girls can look up their boyfriends’ names and see that they have also been sending nude pictures to strange men. This will no doubt plunge the West into chaos, setting the stage for us Muslims to ride in on our war camels and establish our Caliphate.

Of course regular people are not the only ones who use Snapchat to expose their sinful naked bodies, as many celebrities will no doubt also be caught up in this “Snappening” leak. Already the Snapchat photo below of Miley Cyrus just after having sex has been leaked online.

Miley Cyrus Snapchat

As you can see in this photo, Miley Cyrus shares a post-coital embrace with a guy who did not satisfy her intense carnal desires, as her tongue hangs out still hungering for man meat. However, instead of providing Miley’s mouth a proper banging, this impotent homoqueer appears to be about to shove his own thumb up his ass while taking selfies. This of course is to be expected from your average kuffar male.

Miley Cyrus vagina

After nearly showing her vagina for months while traveling all over the world on her “Bangerz” tour, Miley Cyrus has finally removed the thin layer of spandex it was hiding behind and exposed her lady cave in all its glory.

As you can see, Miley proudly spreads eagle and shows her smooth gash while on stage in the photo above. Of course Miley showing off her cock pocket was inevitable as she is on a secret mission from Allah to accelerate the decline of Western society by promoting epic levels of depravity.

It is just a matter of time now before Miley’s pop star contemporaries Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande follow suit and start showing their cooters on stage in the never ending race to the bottom that is infidel popular culture. Once these celebrity pop star vaginas are being freely and willing exposed in public, the West will collapse into a chaotic black hole of degeneracy and us righteous Muslims while ride in on our war camels and establish a holy Islamic caliphate which will last until the end of days.

Miley Cyrus topless shower

Miley Cyrus is covered in jizz while topless in the shower in this photograph, which also appears to be covered in ball juice.

This topless Miley Cyrus cum covered photo of her covered in cum is what is known in the art world as “meta”, and it is a powerful statement on both the degenerate nature of the typical infidel celebrity and the equally depraved state of the media which obsesses over their every move. Unfortunately the message of this Miley Cyrus topless picture will go completely over the heads’ of the kuffar masses, as they will be too busy licking their screens to contemplate the profound statement that it makes.

No doubt Miley Cyrus required the services of one of us virile Muslims to create this moving piece, for only the enormous testicle satchel of a Muslim man holds enough baby batter to completely drench Miley’s face and hair with enough left over to cream all over a photo.