Miley Cyrus hospital

Miley Cyrus was in Kansas City for a concert when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction to a medicine.

The seizure Miley suffered was caught on tape, and as you can see in the GIF below it was quite intense. It is a miracle Miley did not swallow her own tongue!

Miley Cyrus seizure

The medicine Miley Cyrus was taking is reportedly something called “Valtrex”. No word yet on what this medicine treats, but knowing Miley as the chaste secret Muslimina that she is, it is safe to assume she takes it as a precaution against “Jew Cooties”.

Let us pray that Allah cures Miley Cyrus soon, so that she may continue her holy mission spreading obscene amounts of depravity throughout the infidel West.

Miley Cyrus

A Miley Cyrus sex tape video featuring the singer getting it on with one of her dancers backstage after a show has just been released.

As you can see from the production value in the video below, this Miley Cyrus sex tape is clearly part of some behind the scenes footage for the yet to be released DVD of her “Bangerz” tour.

It is thrilling to see that Miley Cyrus is not only spreading obscene levels of depravity throughout the infidel West while onstage, but that she is also using her time backstage to perform and record pornographic acts that will surely cause Western society to crumble under the weight of its degeneracy.

Yes the our holy war with the West has almost been won, and we have this Miley Cyrus sex tape to thank!

Miley Cyrus topless

Miley Cyrus poses topless while straddling a white Arabian steed in the photo above.

This photo is obviously rife with symbolism. Clearly Miley is conveying that she lives to serve us virile Muslims as a vessel for our sexual pleasure, and she is both capable and eager to ride our enormous, powerful, and majestic manhoods.

However, Miley Cyrus did not stop at just posing topless. As you can see in the video below, Miley also performed an epic ass shaking dance in a thong leotard while in concert.

Miley Cyrus ass shaking

Miley Cyrus lowering the bar with this brazen display of unbridled booty shaking degeneracy will surely hasten the West’s inevitable downfall. Then Miley can reap her just rewards by being passed from tent to tent, and feeling true power thrusting between her legs.

Miley Cyrus thong bikini

Miley Cyrus poses with her face down and her ass up in a thong bikini while visiting a brothel in Dubai in the photo above.

Miley and her fellow concubines are demonstrating the only Qur’an approved position for a woman when she is about to be vigorously penetrated. Not only must Miley Cyrus face away from the man but her eyes should be downcast at all times, and she should show absolutely no signs of sexual enjoyment (which is no easy task when receiving carnal pleasures from a virile Muslim).

Yes nothing is more erotic than a woman prostrating herself before a man, as Miley is doing in this photo. With such a sensually humble pose by the end of the night Miley will certainly receive more than her fill of both dinars, and quarts of potent Islamic man juice.

Miley Cyrus thong

Pop star (and secret Muslimina) Miley Cyrus plays with herself in a thong bikini while on the beach in Tampa, FL.

Clearly this Miley Cyrus masturbatory picture is in response to Israel’s sneaky bombing of the Syrian army yesterday. By rubbing her sin box in public surrounded by sand Miley is sending a clear message that she stands by the Syrian people, and will not hesitate to corrupt Western culture even further if Israel continues its illegal aggression.

If Israel does not back down at once there is no telling what Miley Cyrus might do to her orifices in defense of her Muslim brothers. However, one can certainly expect deep penetration if Israel dares to strike Iran next.

Miley Cyrus topless

I am happy to report that Miley Cyrus is alive and continuing her depraved Jihad against the infidel West by posing topless in a swimming pool in these outtake photos from Rolling Stone magazine.

We reported last week that Miley was decapitated by Kristen Stewart on orders from Hollywood’s Zionist cabal (source). However, we now know that the severed head in the photo belonged to homoqueer rapper Mackelmore, and not secret Muslimina Miley (an easy mistake to make).

In fact Miley Cyrus probably beheaded Mackelmore herself for daring to look like her and turning the once righteously masculine rap music into a platform for liberal faggotry.

Yes as you can see in these poolside topless photos, Miley Cyrus is back and degenerating Western culture better than ever. Praise be to Allah!


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