Katy Perry bikini

Katy Perry takes the phrase “down under” too literal, as she airs out her stinking barren cock box while in a tight bikini in the photos below from Sydney, Australia.

Clearly Katy Perry is enjoying her time spreading her legs in Australia, as her hard nipples are visible through her pinkish purple bikini top in many of these photos. It is just a shame that one of Australia’s numerous dangerously deadly wildlife did not viciously attack Katy for this barren display of sluttery.

Yes nothing would have been more fitting than if a dingo leaped from water, and savagely gnawed off Katy Perry’s lady bits as she flaunted them on the edge of this boat. Hell even a koala pummeling Katy with a stick of bamboo would have been a welcome (not to mention adorable) sight.


Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry

Is there anything more offensive to Islam and deserving of our scorn then a woman’s sinful bulbous breasts? The answer is of course no, that is why we have compiled the video above of Hollywood harlots brazenly flaunting this most haram of female body parts.

Yes celebrities never stop exposing their blasphemous tit meat for the profit of the Zionist entertainment machine. Seeing all the big bouncing boobies in this video, has caused my pious Muslim loins to become rigid and froth with righteous indignation.

Rest assured that when us powerful Muslims finally conquer the West we will turn all these disgusting celebrity chesticles into beautifully ornate sacks, fill them with dried figs, and hang them from the humps of our camels. Only then will they finally serve a useful purpose and be pleasing on the eye.

Katy Perry nightie

Katy Perry just posted this selfie laying in bed in a dark purple silk lace trimmed nightie to her Twitter.

It is obvious from this Katy Perry nightie selfie that she is in heat, and desperately wants a virile Muslim man to slither his enormous tunic snake up her tit valley and drench her doe-eyed face with his man venom. Unfortunately for Katy she is far from halal, as she spent the day in Australia prostituting her long legs and bare midriff in a slutty romper in the photos below.


Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry

If Katy Perry wants to know the unimaginable pleasure that comes with sexual servitude to a powerful Muslim then she must cleanse her body by wearing the burka, and her soul by wearing the martyr vest. For only in martyr’s paradise will Katy finally be able to have her intense carnal desires satisfied with a good hard Muslim deep-dicking.

Katy Perry praying

Katy Perry drops down, bends over, and prays to Allah while performing in concert in the GIF above.

This Katy Perry GIF is a testament to the almighty power of Allah. For if a hopeless degenerate slut like Katy Perry can be so overcome by his greatness that she begins praying in the middle of one her heathen sex shows, then there is no denying that Allah is the one true God.

Of course if Katy Perry wants to be a true Muslim then she must atone for the sins of her past. In Katy’s case her sins are vast and slutty, so the only way to make amends is through the cleansing act of martyrdom. Yes when Katy Perry puts on the martyr vest and walks into that crowded Tel Aviv marketplace all her years of whoring for the Zionist music industry will be wiped clean, and she will be welcomed into paradise were she will service the manhoods of us pious Muslims for all eternity. Truly Islam is a beautiful and forgiving religion.

Katy Perry horny

Pop star Katy Perry subconsciously jerks off a phallic shaped award while giving an interview in the GIF above.

Like all infidel women Katy Perry is in a constant state of sexual arousal, as the infidel man’s pathetically small genitals can never properly satisfy their sinful desires. Add to this the fact that the West follows the reckless and barbaric practice of not circumcising their women, and it should come as no surprise that Katy Perry and her fellow kuffar sluts are constantly horny and struggle to contain their insatiable carnal desires.

In fact, Katy Perry actually shows great restraint in this GIF by only jerking this award off (and possibly cupping its balls), for clearly Katy is fighting her innate instinct to start sucking this award deep before shoving it right up her snatch. However, if this were an Oscar it is doubtful that Katy Perry would have been able to resist.

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry made headlines recently after she successfully predicted two big upsets while appearing on ESPN’s “College Football Live” last Saturday. Feeling pretty good about herself, Katy Perry takes a long deep and depraved bow for her college football prognosticating in the GIF below.

Katy Perry bow

Let us hope that this is the end of Katy Perry’s prophetic college football predictions or who knows how much of her shameful ass we are going to get to see. For it is certainly possible that if Katy Perry predicts who wins the BCS National Championship that we will be staring at Katy’s brown eye while she self-congratulates with some celebratory ass gaping.

Yes it is clear that for Katy Perry college football and prostituting her ass go hand and hand. Probably because when she bends over in tights like this her fat hindquarters look just like those of a defensive lineman.