Katy Perry praying

Katy Perry drops down, bends over, and prays to Allah while performing in concert in the GIF above.

This Katy Perry GIF is a testament to the almighty power of Allah. For if a hopeless degenerate slut like Katy Perry can be so overcome by his greatness that she begins praying in the middle of one her heathen sex shows, then there is no denying that Allah is the one true God.

Of course if Katy Perry wants to be a true Muslim then she must atone for the sins of her past. In Katy’s case her sins are vast and slutty, so the only way to make amends is through the cleansing act of martyrdom. Yes when Katy Perry puts on the martyr vest and walks into that crowded Tel Aviv marketplace all her years of whoring for the Zionist music industry will be wiped clean, and she will be welcomed into paradise were she will service the manhoods of us pious Muslims for all eternity. Truly Islam is a beautiful and forgiving religion.

Katy Perry horny

Pop star Katy Perry subconsciously jerks off a phallic shaped award while giving an interview in the GIF above.

Like all infidel women Katy Perry is in a constant state of sexual arousal, as the infidel man’s pathetically small genitals can never properly satisfy their sinful desires. Add to this the fact that the West follows the reckless and barbaric practice of not circumcising their women, and it should come as no surprise that Katy Perry and her fellow kuffar sluts are constantly horny and struggle to contain their insatiable carnal desires.

In fact, Katy Perry actually shows great restraint in this GIF by only jerking this award off (and possibly cupping its balls), for clearly Katy is fighting her innate instinct to start sucking this award deep before shoving it right up her snatch. However, if this were an Oscar it is doubtful that Katy Perry would have been able to resist.

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry made headlines recently after she successfully predicted two big upsets while appearing on ESPN’s “College Football Live” last Saturday. Feeling pretty good about herself, Katy Perry takes a long deep and depraved bow for her college football prognosticating in the GIF below.

Katy Perry bow

Let us hope that this is the end of Katy Perry’s prophetic college football predictions or who knows how much of her shameful ass we are going to get to see. For it is certainly possible that if Katy Perry predicts who wins the BCS National Championship that we will be staring at Katy’s brown eye while she self-congratulates with some celebratory ass gaping.

Yes it is clear that for Katy Perry college football and prostituting her ass go hand and hand. Probably because when she bends over in tights like this her fat hindquarters look just like those of a defensive lineman.

Katy Perry naked bride

Katy Perry poses naked while wearing just a bridal headpiece and white garter stockings in the truly pathetic photo above.

With Katy Perry turning 30-years-old next month it is obvious that this nude photo is a last-ditch desperate attempt to trick some poor sap into marrying her before her spinster status becomes official.

Of course marrying any woman that is past the age of 16 is laughably foolish, as she would only be able to birth 15 to 20 children, or work in the fields for maybe 10 to 12 years (if you are lucky) before the hard labor makes her an invalid and you have to shoot her and dump her body on the compost heap.

Yes despite her bulbous breasts holding up remarkably well after all these years, marrying Katy Perry would be a horrible investment. Besides who does she think she is fooling wearing white in this nude pic, she’d never pass the pre-wedding hymen inspection.

Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Right now Katy Perry is traveling around whoring it up in cities throughout the degenerate Western world on her “Prismatic World Tour”.

Below we have compiled the top 7 hottest GIFs of Katy Perry from the tour so far. Just to be clear these GIFs are not “hot” because they are at all attractive to us pious Muslims, but rather because they increase the temperature of the eternal hellfire Katy Perry will soon be burning in for her numerous crimes against morality.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Katy Perry dressed as a slutty school girl gesturing to her fans to come pound the little bit of knowledge she acquired in class out her tiny female brain.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Katy Perry bouncing her breasts while jumping rope. An interesting side note, the original choreography called for Katy to also chew gum at the same time, but the strain of multitasking caused her to go into seizures during rehearsals.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Here we have Katy Perry doing what she does best… walking with her perky tits on full display in a bedazzled slut suit.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Sometimes Katy Perry is so overcome with emotion by the power of her music that she has to take a moment… and give her clit a little rub.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Speaking of self-gratification here is Katy Perry at it again. This time with her tit nearly popping out.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Here we have Katy Perry uncrossing her legs while wearing a dress. This upskirt sequence is the least popular portion of Katy’s show, as the stench emanating from her nether regions has even caused those sitting in the upper decks to retch uncontrollably.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Finally we have Katy Perry spanking her butt and then showing it off while taking a bow at the end of her show. Truly Katy Perry’s ass is a horrifyingly depraved and disturbing sight, and so it is a fitting one for her concert (and this article) to end on.

Katy Perry bikini water park

Katy Perry shows off her body in a tight wet black bikini while at a water park in the GIF above.

How dare Katy Perry prostitute her feminine body like this! Being at a water park is no excuse for a woman to expose her sinful flesh, especially when she is as immodestly busty as Katy Perry.

Katy Perry should be wearing a swim burka, as the sight of the water glistening off of her cleavage is extremely offensive. When Islam takes over the West all women at water parks will remain covered from head to toe, or the lifeguards on duty will enforce Sharia law and toss them in the wave pool with an anchor around their neck.