Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Right now Katy Perry is traveling around whoring it up in cities throughout the degenerate Western world on her “Prismatic World Tour”.

Below we have compiled the top 7 hottest GIFs of Katy Perry from the tour so far. Just to be clear these GIFs are not “hot” because they are at all attractive to us pious Muslims, but rather because they increase the temperature of the eternal hellfire Katy Perry will soon be burning in for her numerous crimes against morality.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Katy Perry dressed as a slutty school girl gesturing to her fans to come pound the little bit of knowledge she acquired in class out her tiny female brain.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Katy Perry bouncing her breasts while jumping rope. An interesting side note, the original choreography called for Katy to also chew gum at the same time, but the strain of multitasking caused her to go into seizures during rehearsals.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Here we have Katy Perry doing what she does best… walking with her perky tits on full display in a bedazzled slut suit.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Sometimes Katy Perry is so overcome with emotion by the power of her music that she has to take a moment… and give her clit a little rub.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Speaking of self-gratification here is Katy Perry at it again. This time with her tit nearly popping out.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Here we have Katy Perry uncrossing her legs while wearing a dress. This upskirt sequence is the least popular portion of Katy’s show, as the stench emanating from her nether regions has even caused those sitting in the upper decks to retch uncontrollably.


Katy Perry Prismatic tour

Finally we have Katy Perry spanking her butt and then showing it off while taking a bow at the end of her show. Truly Katy Perry’s ass is a horrifyingly depraved and disturbing sight, and so it is a fitting one for her concert (and this article) to end on.

Katy Perry bikini water park

Katy Perry shows off her body in a tight wet black bikini while at a water park in the GIF above.

How dare Katy Perry prostitute her feminine body like this! Being at a water park is no excuse for a woman to expose her sinful flesh, especially when she is as immodestly busty as Katy Perry.

Katy Perry should be wearing a swim burka, as the sight of the water glistening off of her cleavage is extremely offensive. When Islam takes over the West all women at water parks will remain covered from head to toe, or the lifeguards on duty will enforce Sharia law and toss them in the wave pool with an anchor around their neck.

Katy Perry ghost sex

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only the most masculine man ever to walk the earth, but he was also the most virile. So it should come as no surprise that even in death Muhammad is still an accomplished cocksman, and he often ventures down from Paradise to plow unsuspecting busty women and tight smooth boys.

With that in mind, the video in the GIF above clearly shows the specter of our Blessed Prophet once again turning pop star Katy Perry around and pounding her with his enormous supernatural cock. Of course this is now the third time (here are the first and second) that Muhammad has honored Katy with a mighty phantom f*cking.

Why Muhammad keeps visiting Katy Perry’s sin hole is anyone’s guess, but one can not help but speculate that perhaps it reminds a nostalgic Muhammad of his boyhood home in an enormous damp cave on the outskirts of Mecca. Or it may be as simple as Katy Perry being a quick in and out, and Muhammad being a busy man in the afterlife tormenting the Jews burning in the eternal hellfire. I don’t know, so I’ll leave it to Islam’s top scholarly minds to try and figure it out.

As you can see in the video above, Katy Perry was performing in concert when her vagina briefly slips out of her multicolored slut suit.

In an effort to try and silence the piercing screams of her homoqueer fans, Katy Perry thrusts her hips unleashing her labia, but it is to no avail as the knob gobblers continue their high-pitched squawking.

Unfortunately for Katy Perry her lady bits have become so swollen from years of abuse that they might as well be an infidel’s c*ck, and so they can no longer repulse flaming homoqueers. In fact Katy’s bulge is no doubt drawing these homos to her crappy pop music. It is the same thing that happened with Madonna, only she embraces her gay icon status and enjoys getting her lady dick sucked.

Katy Perry naked

Pop star Katy Perry squats down naked while in clear heels in the disturbing photo above.

In the degenerate Western world wearing clear heels is a sign that someone is a “woman of the night” AKA a whore. Of course from a legal perspective we would never explicitly say that Katy Perry would suck your dick for $20, but you can certainly draw your own conclusions about her proclivities from this naked photo.

Yes after seeing this clear heels naked photo it appears extremely likely that Katy Perry is now a common street walker. Of course if Katy were to work in the sex trade in the superior Islamic world all doubt would be removed about her profession, as all our concubines walk bow legged from getting continuously pounded out by the enormous tunic snakes of us virile Muslim men.

Katy Perry Zooey Deschanel sex

Katy Perry has kinky BDSM lesbo sex with her lookalike and possible long lost sister Zooey Deschanel in the extremely disturbing photo above.

As you can see, Katy Perry has Zooey Deschanel bent over a table and chained up in her freaky sex dungeon. Both Katy and Zooey appear to be enjoying themselves immensely as Katy pounds Zooey’s holes with her 12 inch strap-on.

No doubt after Katy finishes stretching Zooey’s orifices with the strap-on she will want to work over Zooey’s nipples with some clamps and clothespins. Then she’ll probably have Zooey drink some urine (either her own or an animal’s) before finally finishing Zooey off with a vigorous flogging off her ass and lady bits. All and all it is a pretty standard BDSM routine that us Muslim men often use on our wives and concubines to great effect.