Katy Perry breasts

Pop star Katy Perry gets tit f*cked retarded in the shocking photo above.

Only the mighty manhood of a virile Muslim could pound Katy’s boobies so hard that she develops down syndrome like this. Once our enormous tunic snakes penetrate the tit valley there is no telling the damage they may cause as they slide in a out and then drown their victim’s face with a flood of sticky white venom.

Of course Katy Perry becoming mentally disabled is no great loss as she has always been “a few goats short of an orgy” as the saying goes. So there is no doubt that if Katy was still capable of forming coherent sentences she would say that this righteous boob banging was well worth it… and that cats are friendly animals.

Katy Perry topless

Katy Perry embraces the Parisian lifestyle by smoking while completely topless on her balcony in Paris in the candid photo above.

The hedonistic French have long been known for their acceptance of bad habits, and of course there is no more dangerous an addiction than one to a woman’s bare breasts.

Yes topless women like Katy Perry are certainly a public health concern, as exposed titties have been know to propagate lustful djinns which cause a series of negative health effects like an accelerated heart rate, rigid loins, nipple tension, and diarrhea. If you think you may be suffering from any of these please immediately consult with the cleric at your nearest mosque.

Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke

Things are going perfectly to plan as secret Muslimina Miley Cyrus brings death and destruction to the infidel West.

It is being reported (TMZ) that Miley Cyrus was to blame for pop star Robin Thicke’s wife Paula Patton recently filing for a divorce. According to sources close to Paula, she was humiliated and her marriage to Thicke was irreparably damaged when Miley famously grinded her lady bits all over Robin’s crotch during their MTV VMA performance.

Not only did Miley Cyrus destroy Robin Thicke’s marriage with the debauchery in her VMA performance, but (as you can see in the video below) she also blew up the Starship Enterprise killing beloved heathen space commander Captain Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek cast.

Of course Miley did not stop there. As you can see in the video below, while performing on her “Bangerz” tour in Los Angeles earlier this week, Miley gave fellow pop star Katy Perry a literal kiss of death by leaning in for a kiss then biting her head off in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

Like all acts of violence committed by Muslims this oral decapitation of Katy Perry was completely justified, as Katy had just released a blasphemous new music video for the single “Dark Horse” in which she burns a man to death who is wearing Allah’s name around his neck (Daily News).

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, the cast of Star Trek, and Robin Thicke’s marriage are all burning in the pits of the eternal hellfire. May Allah bless and continue to guide Miley on her righteous slutty Jihad.

Katy Perry banged

Pop star Katy Perry gets bent over and banged hard by the Prophet Muhammad’s ghost in the GIF above.

Obviously the specter of our blessed Prophet had been watching Katy Perry seductively flaunting her sex organs, and decided to travel down from heaven to thrust his massive ghost cock hard up Katy’s lady cave.

While Jesus’ spirit is appearing on pieces of burnt toast in Iowa, and speaking through toothless vagrants on the street corner, Muhammad’s is out forcefully phantom f*cking busty women like Katy Perry.

It is clear that only one of these revered men was the true messenger and representative of Allah. I think we know which one Katy Perry would now say that was.

Katy Perry GQ

Katy Perry expresses her “art” in these bra and panties pictures for the February 2014 issue of GQ.

It is good to see that Katy Perry has gone back to her roots, bending over while straddling phallic objects, and staring blankly at the camera with her breasts pushed together like the vapid shell of a pop whore that she is.

Ever since Katy Perry started dating John Mayer she ran the risk of actually taking herself seriously, and buying into the BS he told her about how he respects her as an artist and an empowered woman just so she’d let him put it in her butt.

Thankfully her rapid decline in popularity has sobered her up, and Katy is back to doing what Allah put her on the earth to do… showing off her righteous boobies.


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Katy Perry lesbian

Pop star Katy Perry sits on her girlfriend’s face in the disturbing photo above.

The sight of Katy Perry’s wet pussy suffocating this girl is equal parts terrifying and nauseating. No doubt Katy Perry’s girlfriend has her tongue buried deep in Katy’s snatch, as she eagerly tries to satiate Katy’s sinful lesboqueer carnal desires.

However, there is no satisfying a lecherous slut like Katy Perry (besides sex with a virile Muslim of course), so her pussy lips are probably still smothering this girl as we speak. Or perhaps Katy has finally shown mercy and instead brought out her double-sided dildo. Either way it is certainly a chilling thought!