Kate Upton

Over the last few days the Zionist controlled mainstream media has viciously attacked and slandered this holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website, over our righteous posting of Kate Upton’s nude pictures.

As you can see in the video below, Mossad agents from Fox News, TMZ, and E! took turns bashing us on TV in defense of the bloated blonde bimbo Kate Upton.

Instead of praising us for our journalistic integrity in bringing Kate’s horrendously slutty ways to light, these talking heads condemn us by calling our news “fake” and referring to Celeb Jihad as a “joke website”.

Celeb Jihad is no more “fake” then any other celebrity news outlet. In fact, because we are courageous enough to report original stories instead of just regurgitating BS Hollywood press releases (like nearly everyone else) the “joke” is really on people who get their celebrity news from anywhere else.

Kate Upton topless

This holy Islamic extremist celebrity gossip website is under attack from buxom plus-size model Kate Upton (TMZ). Kate Upton dared to threaten legal action against this site for posting a topless outtake photo from her Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue photo shoot.

Of course it is absolutely absurd for Kate Upton to sue us over that topless picture (or the one above for that matter) for 2 reasons:

1) As pious Muslims we must only obey Shariah law, and thus can only be taken to trial in a Shariah court.

2) Kate Upton is a woman, and thus livestock. She has no legal rights under Shariah law. A perfect analogy would be a cow trying to sue a dairy farmer for pinching her teats.

As you can see the idea of Kate Upton suing us over these topless pictures is laughable. In fact we are so unconcerned by her legal threats that we are posting even more outtakes of Kate naked and getting pounded below.

Kate Upton naked

Kate Upton sex

Kate Upton outtakes

Kate Upton’s outtakes from the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue are out, and they are as horrible as one would imagine.

Look at the photos below of Kate’s nearly exposed bulbous breasts and shapely round ass, boring! Would it have killed SI to spice up the shoot with something new and innovative? Perhaps a few shots with Kate pressing an IED between her tits, or smiling coyly with the top of a pressure cooker bomb poking out of her butt. Now that would be some erotic stuff!

Of course the homoqueers at Sports Illustrated lack both the creative vision and righteousness to get the most out of a Kate Upton bikini photo shoot. You better believe if it had been a Muslim behind the camera, Kate would have been seductively bent over with her breasts heaving as she saws the head off of a Jew. In fact that photo would probably have made the cover.

Kate Upton GIF

*Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton GIF above instead

Kate Upton naked

Many people do not know this, but the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models all pose completely naked, and it is only later that the tech wizards at SI airbrush on the body paint bikinis.

As proof take a look at this Kate Upton nude outtake from the 2014 SI swimsuit issue. As you can see she is butt naked in this original photo, and later they add the bikini and remove all the excess fat.

It is much simpler this way and safer from a legal standpoint. If someone had to actually go through the trouble of physically painting Kate Upton’s enormous and sinful nude body they would no doubt go on disability claiming carpal tunnel and post-traumatic stress, and probably file suit for being subjected to a hostile work environment.

Kate Upton SI 2014

Kate Upton once again stole the show with her fat titties in the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

As you can see in the 47 photos below, Kate Upton’s bulbous boobies were crammed into a series off ill-fitting bikini tops. They were then photographed on a tropical beach before being taken up in a special airplane to experience zero gravity. Which ironically did Kate no favors, because even without gravity her boobs looked droopy.

Though Kate Upton is clearly at the tale end of her prime she isn’t a fat saggy tittied has-been yet, so lets enjoy her massive mammaries while we still can in these Sports Illustrated bikini pics.

Kate Upton GIF

*Photos removed by SI’s lawyers enjoy the Kate Upton GIF above instead

Kate Upton butt

Models Kate Upton and Jennifer Rafalowski show off their tight butts in the animated GIF above.

This Kate Upton Jennifer Rafalowski butt GIF reminds me of my harem during an “all anal Thursday”, as the girls vie for my attention and the honor of having their rectums penetrated first by my mighty tunic snake.

Yes with rumps like these both Kate and Jennifer would make fine additions to a Muslim’s harem. Of course their asses would not stay so tight once they have been vigorously pounded by our enormous manhoods. However, they will be in for quite a ride until their lower intestine prolapses out their butthole.