Heidi Klum, Courtney Love, & Chelsea Handler Launch Topless Ocular Assault

Heidi Klum, Courtney Love, & Chelsea Handler Launch Topless Ocular Assault

My fellow Celeb Jihadist, today is a day that will live in infamy. For Islam has been deliberately and viciously attacked by the floppy old lady celebrity tits of Heidi Klum, Courtney Love, and Chelsea Handler. This “Sagocaust” was premeditated by the Zionists under the code name “#FreeTheNipple”, and started with worn out model and ..

The Top 12 Celebrity Social Media Photos Of The Week

Here are the top 12 slutty celebrity social media pictures of the week. #12 Gwyneth Paltrow This picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in a bikini is actually pretty hot… that is if you imagine there is a rope around her neck and she is swinging from that tree. #11 Paris Hilton Paris Hilton in a bikini ..

Heidi Klum Slips A Nipple While Drowning Her Nanny

Retired Aryan super model and uberwench Heidi Klum slips a nipple while dragging her nanny out to sea to drown her after finding out she is a Jew. Normally a woman exposing her sinful nipple would result in a swift and brutal stoning, but Heidi Klum is clearly doing Allah’s work by drowning her Hebrew ..

Heidi Klum Topless Thong Pic

Former super model and recovering mudshark Heidi Klum shows off her saggy tits and ass in the topless thong pic above. Though Heidi has finally come to her senses and dumped her hideous sub-Saharan husband Seal the damage to her body (and soul) has already been done. Heidi Klum’s breasts now look like they belong ..

Heidi Klum Sees Eye Doctor, Divorcing Seal

After years of avoiding it out of stubborn vanity, Heidi Klum finally went to the optometrist this weekend, and is now divorcing Seal, her pot-marked oil spill of a husband. No one knows for sure why Heidi Klum is filing for divorce from Seal, but it is safe to assume that it probably has something ..

Heidi Klum Topless Pictures

As you can see in the photos below, even after having 4 children Heidi Klum’s breasts remain as perky and offensive to Islam as ever. Leave it to an infidel like Heidi Klum to have tits that don’t have the common decency to become distorted and saggy after having children. Clearly Heidi’s gravity defying boobies ..