Pop star Katy Perry will be performing at halftime during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but already the singer is putting her stamp on the big game. As you can see in the video above, Katy Perry was caught on camera having sex with various Seattle Seahawks football players right before the Super Bowl.

Now no one can say for sure that Katy is a plant by New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belicheck to get an edge heading into the game, but he has been known in the past to push the boundaries of ethics to get a win, whether that be by secretly videotaping opponents’ sideline signals, deflating footballs, or perhaps even sending tone deaf whores to players’ hotel rooms.

Regardless of the motives behind this Katy Perry Seattle Seahawk sex romp, the consequence will be very clear come game time, as not only will the Seahawks players’ ball satchels be completely drained of their manly essence thus zapping their strength, but they will also be itching and burning like a mofo from the numerous STDs Katy has no doubt transmitted to them. Certainly this will be a big advantage for the Patriots.

Taylor Swift bikini

It is a sight ornithologists and birdwatchers have longed to witness as it has not been seen in years; the extremely rare and not so majestic Taylor Swift in a proper bikini.

As you can see in the photos below, Taylor Swift resembles a drowned stork as her wet bikini clings to her bird frame, and she shoves two fingers up her beak while traipsing around and (probably) pooping all over the deck of this ship.

Many sailors believe that a bikini clad Taylor Swift landing on a boat is bad luck, and a sure sign that the voyage is doomed. So it is not surprising to see that the crew of this vessel tried to wrap Taylor in a blanket and toss her gangly ass back overboard. Unfortunately they were not successful and the ship sank just 3 hours later… there were no survivors.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

Scarlett Johansson sister

Believe it or not there are two different women in the photo above. The woman on the left is the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, and the woman on the right is Scarlett’s doppelganger younger sister, the up-and-coming porn star Ruby Johansson.

There is no denying the striking resemblance between Scarlett and her porn star sibling Ruby, as the girls are practically twins both in their looks and in their sinful desires to make their living off of prostituting their bodies on camera.

Of course at least Ruby has the decency to not put on airs pretending she is not a whore, and just blatantly shows her shameful female sex organs in exchange for money as you can see in the nude photos below. Scarlett on the other hand works in Hollywood, so she acts like she is some sort artist who isn’t just being used to sell sex in a subtler and more disingenuous manner.


Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson

Selena Gomez topless

Selena Gomez debuts her new sultry look while posing completely topless in tiny black panties and sheer thigh high stockings in the photo above.

Clearly Selena has reach an impasse in her career, as her acting roles have diminished and her music has never really caught on. If Selena wants to make it in the entertainment industry, and not have her working papers revoked and get sent back to the donkey shows in Tijuana, then she is going to have to start peddling her sinful nude feminine flesh for attention.

This topless photo is a good start, but if Selena is going to become a household name and secure her place in the depraved infidel public’s collective consciousness then she is going to have to do something completely outrageous like form a human centipede with her lesbo lover Cara Delevingne in front and her ex Justin Bieber bring up the caboose.

Taylor Swift’s lesbian model girlfriend Karlie Kloss poses both topless and bottomless in this behind the scenes video from a Vogue magazine photo shoot.

It is easy to see from this nude video why Taylor finds Karlie Kloss so attractive, for with a rock hard body like that Karlie must be able to really work her strap-on hard and deep into Taylor’s eager little lady holes.

Yes, the sex between Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift must be quite passionate and intense, even though when these gangly lesbodykes start going at it, it must look like a giraffe wrestling an ostrich. Clearly in that scenario Karlie is the dominate giraffe and Taylor is the more submissive feminine ostrich spending countless hours laying between Karlie’s long legs pleasing her woman by pecking at her chiseled rock hard clit.

Bella Thorne cleavage

17-year-old former Disney star Bella Thorne is oh so subtle about flaunting her cleavage in this new photo she just posted to her Twitter.

As you can see, Bella’s smooth young breast is nearly falling out of her lace trimmed bra as she lays on her bed, and no doubt daydreams about us impossibly handsome and ruggedly masculine Muslim men.

Of course it is certainly natural for a girl Bella’s age to have certain “urges”… but that is mainly because she is in the twilight of her prime breeding years and has yet to reproduce. Why if Bella doesn’t start squirting out Muslim babies soon, it is doubtful that she’ll be able to produce more than 6 or 7 future Jihadists before she hits her mid-twenties and becomes far too old and unattractive to fornicate with.

Bella Thorne booty shake

Yes Bella Thorne needs to stop wasting her time taking slutty pictures and shaking her tight teen booty in short shorts like in the GIF above, and go out and find her self a nice Muslim husband before her ovaries dry up and her uterus prolapses.