Mila Kunis naked

Mila Kunis gets naked and on all fours while laying on her bed in the photo above.

It is great to see this Western whore Mila adopting a hala prostrated sex position. However, what makes her think we would want to see her unsightly face in this position?

The whole point of the face down ass up position is so that the man can sniff and then examine Mila Kunis’ hindquarters. If after careful inspection they appear to be satisfactory, and capable of bearing a masculine child he will enter her and spill his seed.

If Mila Kunis wants to get her face hole pounded then she should be on her knees with her eyes downcast and mouth agape. Otherwise the photo should be taken from the other side, so that her sexual fitness can be determined.

Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer’s character “Margaery Tyrell” just became the new queen of the Seven Kingdoms in last week’s episode of the HBO hit show “Game of Thrones”. This has put Natalie on a collision course with the rightful queen, Muslimina and “Mother of Dragons”, Emilia Clarke.

One need only compare the topless photos of Natalie Dormer and Emilia Clarke below to see who the true queen should be. Natalie’s sad flat titties are not fit for a lowly travern wench let alone a queen. While Emilia’s breasts are round and regal, and already have leadership experience as they were motorboated by powerful Muslim chieftain Khal Drogo.

Natalie Dormer topless

Emilia Clarke topless

Yes there should be no doubt now that Natalie Dormer will be defeated by Emilia Clarke and her army of Islamic warriors. It will be great to see Emilia’s wonderful smile as she sits on “The Iron Throne”, and watches the infidels burn with dragon fire for defying Shariah law.

Emilia Clarke

Ariana Grande nude

Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande bends over and gets ready for a righteous pounding of her orifices in the photo above.

Clearly Ariana is eager to get her holes stretched, but unfortunately for her it will not be by the enormous manhood of a Muslim as her position is not halal.

Even though Ariana Grande is prostrated while spreading her butt cheeks (which is required by the holy Qur’an), the fact that she is looking back with a lecherous gleam in her eye is enough to deny her the unimaginable pleasure that comes from serving as a vessel for our mighty meat scuds.

Nothing is more offensive to Allah then female sexuality. If Ariana hopes to get her lady caves stuffed with Muslim meat (like the mountains of Afghanistan during a US air strike) then she must avert her eyes and somehow muster the acting ability to convey displeasure. Which is of course easier said then done when in the presence of the raw masculinity of a Muslim man.

Natalie Portman butt

Actress and Jewess Natalie Portman shows off her tiny bare butt while playing a young boy in this scene from the movie “Hotel Chevalier”.

Natalie Portman does an excellent job looking like a dancing boy in this scene, as her ass is as smooth and taut as any of the boys at the “Dancing Camel” in Kabul.

Though Natalie’s anus is certainly not as tight as a true “bacha bazi”; since Jews are notorious tight asses when it comes to money one could simply tell Natalie that you are not going to pay, and her rectum should seize up like a vice grip.

Victoria Justice Movie Awards

Victoria Justice won the 2014 MTV Movie Awards over the weekend with this short tight pink dress.

Clearly Victoria Justice is on the precipice of being a big star in heathen Hollywood as she has both the looks and the wanton desire to prostitute her sinful body needed to succeed. Now all that Victoria has left to do is to date a black guy, and develop a meth addiction and the degenerate infidel public will adore her.

Yes as you can see in these pictures, Victoria Justice will soon be winning crappy awards from MTV instead of just showing up to them dressed like a whore. Truly this is an exciting time for her.


Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice

Scarlett Johansson topless

Scarlett Johansson lets her bulbous titties hang out in the topless photo above.

Clearly Scarlett hopes that by showing her righteously large bare mammaries she will convince us virile Muslims to snake her boob valley. Unfortunately for Scarlett before us Muslims will plant our meat IEDs in her tit ditch and detonate our baby batter all over her face she must convert to Islam.

Islam is a very inclusive and peaceful religion so converting is quite easy. Scarlett Johansson simply must recite the holy “Shahada” with sincere belief. Then all that is left to do is to skin a Jew and place its pelt on the alter of the Mosque and she is in. Other busty Western women should consider this simple conversion as well.