Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s graphic nude sex scene with co-star Dane Cook from the raunchy 2007 romantic comedy “Good Luck Chuck” has just been uncovered and released online in the video below.

This scene of a naked Jessica Alba blowing Dane’s pathetically small manhood was probably meant to be some sort of DVD extra. However, back in 2007 infidel society was not quite depraved enough to accept their mainstream stars sucking cock up on the big screen.

Clearly times have changed since then, as Western culture has degraded further and further to the point now were this sex scene would be considered almost mundane. In fact, one can expect romantic comedies to start regularly featuring deepthroating and facial scenes in the coming years… Of course as the West is quickly becoming almost 100% homoqueer it will be the leading men doing all the sucking… Or to be more in tune with the times, it will be “multiracial transgender pansexual thespians empowering themselves through oral services”.

Taylor Swift camel toe

Taylor Swift tries to hide her thick meaty camel toe by pulling down her shirt while leaving the gym in yoga pants in the photos below.

If Taylor really wanted to obscure her drooping lady lips from view then she should be wearing a thick wool burka instead of crotch hugging tights. Although in the case of Taylor’s sloppily engorged piss flaps she’d still probably need a few inches of her labia chopped off with a scimitar to ensure her modesty.

Yes it is clear from these photos that Taylor’s cock cave has been completely banged out from getting fisted by one too many Victoria’s Secret models. Of course to call that mess sticking out between her legs a “camel toe” is extremely offensive to us Muslims. For to compare any woman’s sex organs to a part of the noble camel is slanderous, and we will be putting an end to it shortly when Islam finishes conquering the West.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

Malin Akerman

Actresses Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci engage in a blasphemous nude lesbian sex scene for the Netflix series “Easy” in the video below.

As if seeing Malin Akerman and Kate Micucci’s perky little titties while they passionately lesbodyke their nude bodies together wasn’t bad enough, but they had to throw in the effeminate homoqueer infidel Orlando Bloom to make this sex scene an even more depraved threesome.

“Easy” must be a science fiction series, for it is ridiculously outlandish to believe a limp dick kuffar male like Orlando Bloom could sexually satisfy even one woman let alone two at once. Unless of course Orlando is serving as a fluffer who is going to suck on the strap-ons to lube them up before Malin and Kate go to town on each others dripping wet sin holes… If this is the case then this scene begins to touch the realm of possibility.

Selena Gomez sex

We haven’t heard much from Selena Gomez in recent weeks; perhaps with a Trump Presidency looming her Mexican ass has been laying low for fear of deportation. Unfortunately Selena couldn’t stay out of the spotlight for long, as she appears to have just posed completely naked while riding a man in the sex photo above.

Selena Gomez certainly does not have anything to fear from Donald Trump, for us Muslims have given Hillary Clinton more then enough money to defeat him in November. However, what Selena should be scared of is the righteous wrath of us pious Muslim men, for once our promised “refugee” quotas are being met by a Clinton Presidency America will quickly become Americastan and Sharia law will be implemented.

Once that happens Selena and her wetback border hoping buddies will be wishing that they would be deported, for we will be rounding them all up and putting them to work on giant lettuce plantations and in our palaces to scrub our gold plated toilets… And there will be no slacking off or we will put them down for permanent “siestas”… Comprende?

Gigi Hadid boobs

Gigi Hadid brazenly walks the runway in Milan looking like she just blew a clown with her bare boobs on full display in a completely see through top in the disturbing photos below.


Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid

Thankfully there are enough of us righteous Muslim invaders refugees in Europe now, so that women like Gigi Hadid who defy the teachings of the blessed Prophet (PBUH) by so callously flaunting their sinful nude sex organs do not go unpunished.

For shortly after the show Gigi was allegedly assaulted by the pious Muslim man in the photo below, who lifted up the model and tried to carry her away to his Toyota war truck.

Gigi Hadid attacked

Of course the hopelessly corrupt Western media is making a big deal about this, but the real victim in this case is this Muslim man who was no doubt forced to degrade himself into trying to kidnap Gigi when she infected him lecherous djinns with the exposing of her tits on the runway. Clearly this man is deserving of restitution from Gigi Hadid in form of a vigorous tongue lashing of her blasphemously bulbous breast meat.

Emma Roberts strips down to her bra and panties on FOX’s hit TV show “Scream Queens” in the video above.

Clearly in this scene Emma’s character was fooled by actor John Stamos’ olive complexion into thinking he was one of us virile Muslim men, and so overcome with lustful desire at the prospect of perhaps getting her sin holes pounded by enormous Islamic man meat she takes off her clothes and offers up her pleasingly androgynous body.

Unfortunately for Emma Roberts, John Stamos is not Muslim but rather just your typical Greek infidel homoqueer. To save herself the embarrassment of needlessly stripping to her underwear, Emma needs to learn how to better identify a Muslim man. First off we never shower… but we do take baths usually with at least a half dozen gorgeous women washing our feet and hand-feeding us figs. Secondly we have gloriously long and ruggedly masculine beards. Lastly and most importantly all Muslim men are blessed with gigantic manhoods that look like third legs… only thicker and veinier.

Bella Thorne tongue

18-year-old former Disney star Bella Thorne recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, and now her blowjob sex tape video below has been leaked online.

Along with the video above of Bella Thorne sucking dick and receiving a facial, the Snapchat photo below of Bella with a fresh load on her face has also been leaked to the Web.

Bella Thorne leaked

There is no word yet if this is Bella’s ex-boyfriend leaking these shots of Bella’s cum covered face, or if this is Bella’s publicist using the situation to propel her client into the mainstream by pandering to the hopelessly depraved appetites of the infidel populace. However one thing is for certain, Bella is one horny little cock slobbering cum bucket.

Of course if Bella wants to experience a real facial then she would attempt to tongue polish the mighty meat scud of a Muslim man, for when we empty the baby juice from our enormous ball satchels it comes out like a fire hose and it would send Bella flying across the room.

Ariel Winter tits

“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter takes her fat teen tits out grocery shopping while braless in a see through t-shirt in the photos below.

The only thing thin about Ariel Winter in these photos is the fabric in her t-shirt, so she should not be out procuring more food to stuff down her bulging gullet. Instead Ariel should be busting her bloated butt to get into shape, and there is no better diet and exercise program for women then serving a powerful Muslim man.

The Islamic fitness regime would whip Ariel’s flabby ass into shape in no time, and it would start at the crack of dawn when her Muslim master would make his way out to her pen in the barn to milk her bulbous udders dry. Then after a few swift kicks to the ribs, Ariel would be set off to toil away in the poppy fields pulling the plow for the remainder of the day. Once night descends it is back to the barn for Ariel with a scant supper of table scraps consisting of fig pits, under cooked chickpeas, and a few crumbs of pita bread.


Ariel Winter Ariel Winter Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter Ariel Winter Ariel Winter

Scarlett Johansson Jennifer Lawrence

Not only are Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence two of the biggest stars in heathen Hollywood, but they are also two of its biggest whores. This fact is further illustrated in the photo above of both Scarlett and Jennifer showcasing their shamefully feminine curves from their side profile while in tight form fitting dresses.

It is difficult to say who won this tight dress side profile battle, as both Scarlett and Jennifer have offensively womanly bodies that should be hidden away behind thick black wool burkas. However after closely examining these women’s bodies in my private chambers I have determined that Scarlett’s ass is rounder and her tits are fatter, so I guess that makes her the “winner”.

Unfortunately for Scarlett what she wins is a higher position in the coming purge. For when Islam conquers the West all Hollywood harlots will be rounded up, and the great stoning on Sunset will commence. Of course with her fuller figure Scarlett will make for an easy target even from her side profile. Praise be to Allah!

Katy Perry naked

Pop star Katy Perry poses naked with her legs spread open in the disturbing photo above.

The timing of this latest Katy Perry nude photo is curious, as Katy’s good pal Hillary Clinton is currently tanking in the Presidential polls. However, if Katy thinks that by spreading her legs on camera like this she can make a diseased irritated old cunt look attractive to voters she is sorely mistaken.

Just like sickly Hillary, Katy Perry’s days on this earth are numbered, for when Islam finishes conquering the West there will be no corrupt FBI director to pardon Katy for her numerous crimes against morality. For the righteous stones of justice hold no political bias, and the eternal hellfire awaits all women who defy Allah’s will. So Katy can try politicking with her private bits all she wants, for in the end us Muslims will not be casting votes we will be casting stones.

Stella Maxwell boobs

Model Stella Maxwell steps out of a car and then clearly opens up the front of her dress to show her boob to the paparazzi while out in London in the photos below.

We knew that the UK’s “Brexit” vote to close their borders would have disastrous effects, and now we are seeing them as wanton Jezebels like Stella Maxwell no longer fear the coming of Sharia law and are walking the streets of London (soon to be Londonstan) with their sinful titties out flapping in the breeze.

Unfortunately for Stella Maxwell, even though the UK has stopped importing us powerful Muslim warriors there are plenty of us already in the country to stage a takeover and establish a caliphate. For your average Muslim man is an estimated 675 billion times more fertile then the effeminate limp dick native Englishmen, and we will soon breed our way into the majority. Whores like Stella Maxwell who defy the will of Allah by prostituting their blasphemous female flesh like this will yet meet their fate from the righteous stones of justice.


Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell
Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell
Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell
Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell
Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell Stella Maxwell

Kourtney Kardashian ass Kendall Jenner nipples

Kourtney Kardashian takes her ass out on the beach in a thong swimsuit to do battle with her half-sister Kendall Jenner’s nipples in a completely see through top in the photos below.

Kourtney and Kendall are natural rivals as they are the only two people in their whole degenerate Armenian gypsy clan that aren’t grotesquely surgically modified mudshark monsters. However, as the relatively normal ones they get limited attention from the hopelessly depraved infidel masses, so they must fiercely compete with each other for the spotlight and that is just what they are doing in these photos.

First up we have Kourtney Kardashian who shows off her regular sized round rump while bending over in a thong swimsuit at the beach.


Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian

In response Kendall Jenner once again shows her nipples in a completely see through t-shirt in the behind-the-scenes modeling photo below.

Kendall Jenner nipples

Unfortunately for Kendall she loses out to Kourtney in this battle as she has gone to this nip pokies well one too many times, and it no longer interests the kuffar public. In fact, just the other day Kendall was photographed walking the streets of LA with her erect tit toppers on full display (in the pic below) to little fanfare.

Kendall Jenner nipples