Willa Holland thong ass

“Arrow” star Willa Holland shows off her thick ass in a thong in the photo above and the ones below.

Willa Holland thong ass

Clearly Willa Holland is a hedonist who enjoys drinking, smoking, and bareback anal sex. Unfortunately for Willa us pious Muslims also like to indulge in pleasurable pursuits like bouncing stones off of the heads of degenerate whores such as herself.

Willa Holland hot tub

Yes Willa Holland better enjoy flaunting her fat ass and soaking in a bathtub filled with warm urine now, for when Islam finishes conquering the West her days are numbered.

Of course us Muslims are not so cold hearted that we wouldn’t grant Willa Holland her final request… Just as long as that last request is for us to brutally sodomize her anus hole with our mighty meat scuds, and not to give her one of her stupid hipster hand rolled cigarettes.

Daisy Ridley naked

The photo above of “Star Wars” star Daisy Ridley modeling her naked body has just been uncovered.

Yes before Daisy Ridley was the poster child for female empowerment in a galaxy far far away, it appears as though she was nothing but a cheap filthy whore who would spread her legs and show off her nude cock cave to the camera for just a couple of “quid”.

Of course it is not at all surprising that Daisy Ridley was a low grade nude model, for like all women she is hopelessly depraved by nature and requires the stern hand of a strong man to keep her from committing brazen acts of sluttery. No doubt the feminists will try and spin this by arguing that Daisy Ridley exposing her nude womanly wares in this photo is a courageous act of self-expression, but the truth is that this photo is extremely degrading and that the purest form of female strength will always be found in an obedient woman with a belly full of jizz making sandwiches for her husband.

Taylor Swift upskirt

A paparazzi attempted to take some upskirt pics up Taylor Swift’s dress in the photos below.

Taylor Swift is clearly asking for this, for if she did not want men trying to look up her dress she would wear the burka and not parade around her bare legs while (probably) pantyless. This is just like what I tried to explain to my boss at the gas station that I use to work at; if women didn’t want to be recorded on hidden camera in the restroom then they wouldn’t defecate in public.

Of course this sort of thing never would of happened in the civilized Islamic world, for Taylor would have been bent over and gangbanged as soon as she stepped out in public in a dress like this… And we would have got the whole thing on video with plenty of high definition closeup shots of her lady holes.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

18-year-old Bella Thorne has once again accidentally exposed her bare boobs on Snapchat in the video above.

Like most teen girls in the infidel West, Bella Thorne likes to strip naked and then film herself for social media when she puts on her makeup. Unfortunately Bella innocently moves the camera to the side, and the reflection of her topless titties can be briefly seen in the mirror behind her.

Bella Thorne boobs

In an unbelievable streak of bad luck this is the second time that Bella has mistakenly exposed herself on Snapchat (here is the first) in the past few weeks.

Thankfully Bella has not let these missteps discourage her from trying to complete her mission of destroying Western civilization through the promotion of sinful female sexual expression, as she continues to whore herself on Snapchat in her latest selfie photo below.

Bella Thorne booty

Let us hope that Bella suffers no more unfortunate nude accidents. For the next time Bella films herself taking a shit on Snapchat we’d hate for her to drop her phone and reveal her tight teen anus to the camera.

Kendall Jenner flashes her nipples in a see through bra in the Snapchat video above.

Whoring is clearly in the Jenner DNA, as Kendall’s sister Kylie flashes her bosomy cleavage at the end of this video. However, thankfully Kendall’s father Brucelyn didn’t decide to also join in on the action and expose his old tranny tits.

Kendall Jenner boobs

Kendall Jenner is clearly fixated on her perky little breasts, as not only did she flash her nips but she squeezed her boobs in the Snapchat photos above and below from the White House correspondents dinner.

Kendall Jenner boobs

Obviously Kendall’s tit sacks are in desperate need of a good hard tongue lashing from a virile Muslim man. For once Kendall has had a Muslim’s coarse beard rubbed all over her boobs she will learn the value of modesty, and never again be so brazen with her breastal Snapchat sluttery.

Ariana Grande appears to have just released this porn music video version to her “Focus” single.

As you can see in this video, Ariana Grande focuses more on her cock sucking as she whimsically blows a couple of guys while wearing her colored wigs. Of course the fact that Ariana is finally putting those dick sucking lips of hers to good use in this video is not nearly as offensive as the fact that her hair is so immodestly colored.

The Qur’an is very clear that the only halal hair color for a woman is jet black, and it should cover not only their heads but the majority of their body as well. So if Ariana ever wants to have the incredible honor of being allowed to see how fast she can suck off a Muslim’s enormous meat scud she should at least wear the hijab (head scarf). Of course once a Muslim blasts his mighty load of baby batter down Ariana’s throat it will almost certainly sever her vocal cords leaving her a mute… and the world a better place.

Taylor Swift leaked

Taylor Swift nearly shows off her disgusting nude female body in the outtake photo above.

It seems as though Taylor Swift has undergone a transformation of sorts, for not only did she cut her hair but she has also become a lot more sexually expressive… With this nearly nude outtake above, and photos below of Taylor walking the streets in short shorts being just the latest examples.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

One can not help but suspect that Taylor’s English DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris is responsible for all of these sinful changes. Of course when Calvin told Taylor that he wanted her to be more sexually open and that she would look better with shorter hair, he meant that she should get a buzz cut so that he could roleplay calling her Otto while she pegs his anus with her 12 inch strap-on. Not surprisingly blonde bimbo Taylor completely misread his hints, and now we are left to suffer with an even more androgynous version of Taylor Swift whoring her gangling body.

Emma Watson panties

Emma Watson appears to be at it again, as she teasingly slides off her panties (or as the English call them “knickers”) in the photo above.

It is obvious by the way that Emma Watson constantly parades her body around in public sans burka that she is an immoral Jezebel who is in desperate need of a good hard flogging. Unfortunately Sharia law is still months away from being established in the United Kingdom (or as it will soon be known the United Islamic Kingdom of Englandstan), so for now we must suffer Emma’s sinful titillating teasing in photos like the one above and the one below.

Emma Watson tease

However, rest assured that once the caliphate is in place we will never again be tormented by the sight of Emma Watson’s panties. Just that glorious thought alone should be enough to motivate any true Muslim warrior to willing give his life for the Jihad.

Kylie Jenner just posted the video above and photos below to her Snapchat to promote her new line of mudshark bikini swimwear.

As you can see Kylie’s line of bikinis is designed specifically for attracting dirt skin men; from its strong contrasting colors to catch the eye of the savage beasts, to its ass lifting spandex back to emphasize the oversized rumps of the coal burner whores who will be wearing it.

Yes Kylie Jenner has certainly crafted the perfect bikini for aspiring single mothers. The fact that it comes dipped in different flavors like watermelon juice, fried chicken grease, and grape drink is just icing on the cake. Until another swimsuit manufacturer comes up with a way to make a bikini that prints out welfare checks, Kyle Jenner’s bikini will be the ultimate in mudshark swimwear.


Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner

Elizabeth Olsen side boob

Elizabeth Olsen shows gratuitous amounts of side boob while in a slutty dress at the premiere of her new film “Captain America: Civil War”.

Elizabeth is just lucky she did not flaunt her sinful tit meat in front of “Captain Islam”, as he would have chopped her head clean of with his mighty scimitar. Then he would have hopped onto his magic carpet and flown around parading his trophy to the cameras, before impaling her decapitated noggin on top the H of the Hollywood sign to serve as a warning to the other brazen harlots to respect Sharia law or pay the price.

Of course Captain America is not nearly as morally upstanding or ruggedly masculine as Captain Islam. In fact, it says a lot about American culture that their superhero is nothing more than a roided up homoqueer in spandex who goes around throwing his giant diaphragm at people. Truly pathetic!


Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth Olsen

Karlie Kloss Time

Time magazine recently named Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss one of their top 100 most influential people in the world, for all the work Karlie has done influencing Taylor Swift’s clit with her tongue.

To celebrate this momentous award Karlie Kloss appears to have released the nude masturbation video below, in which she rubs her sin bean with a smug look of self-satisfaction smeared across her face.

Of course it is not at all surprising that Karlie Kloss has let this award go straight to her head, and her fingers straight to her moist lady lips. For growing up as a model Karlie has no doubt always felt that her looks were the only thing of value she had to offer the world… Which is certainly not true as Karlie is not that attractive, and she could always contribute by wearing the martyr vest into an Israeli bus terminal, or by being recycled into fertilizer for a poppy field.

Megan Fox Olivia Wilde bikini

Heathen celebrity sex symbols Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde both look like fat slobs while wearing bikinis on the beach in the photos below.

Us Muslims know that most women in the US of A are morbidly obese pigs, but at least Hollywood starlets use to have halal tight bodies. However, looking at Megan Fox brazenly flaunting her beer gut in the bikini pics below, it becomes quite clear that the standard for infidel beauty has dropped even further.


Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox
Megan Fox Megan Fox Megan Fox

Not only does Megan Fox look like a chunky monkey, but as you can see in the pics below actress Olivia Wilde also now has a grotesque protruding midsection. No doubt her and Megan have been spending their days stuffing their bloated gullets full at all you can eat buffets.


Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde

Of course Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde getting fat is symptomatic of the decline of Western civilization. Thanks to the blasphemous teachings of feminists who laud the sinful female body in all of its hideous forms, women have been given a free pass to be weak-willed slothful gluttons. You better believe that if Megan and Olivia lived in the civilized Islamic world and performed back breaking labor all day while subsisting on table scraps like our women do, they’d still have pleasingly taut and toned bodies.