Actresses Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick team up to get naked and perform graphic sex scenes in the disturbing music video above.

After seeing this music video it is clear why the infidels always say “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” go together, because one would have to be on quite the opium binge to willingly listen to this music or bang either Emma Watson or Anna Kendrick’s nasty sin holes.

Yes this song will almost certainly flop, because there is absolutely nothing “cool” about having sex with either Emma Watson or Anna Kendrick. In fact, in the Islamic world both Emma and Anna are what are known as “two stone girls”. For if a Muslim were to lose his senses drinking too much fermented yak’s milk and end up in bed with either of these girls, the next day he’d not only have to stone them but he’d have to stone himself just to wipe the heinous memory from his mind.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Kylie Jenner took to her Snapchat to flaunt her bulbous teen boobs in a tight white top in the photo above and video below.

It is clear from these Snapchat videos and photos that Kylie Jenner’s slutty tits could use a good hard Islamic tongue lashing, and her swollen lips would look great struggling to wrap around just the very tip of a Muslim’s enormous meat scud.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

Unfortunately for Kylie she was brought up in a family of gypsy mudshark whores who taught her to gain fame by fornicating with dirt skin nig nogs, because the depraved infidel masses have a kink for interspecies relationships. This has sullied Kylie’s promising body, and not only assured that she will die of AIDS, but also that she will never know the unimaginable pleasure of being a powerful Muslim’s f*ck toy.

Kendall Jenner nips

As a side note Kylie’s older sister Kendall Jenner just posed with her nipples and outline of her lady mound visible in the photo above from the new issue of Love magazine.

“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner plays around and shows off her nude body while backstage at Comic Con in the video above.

Sophie Turner has clearly been eager to expose her naked body on camera for quite some time now, and since the producers, director, and writers on “Game of Thrones” are all flaming homoqueers her character “Sansa Stark” has not yet been required to show even so much as one tit.

As you can see from this video, Sophie Turner is taking matters into her own hands by playfully flaunting her bare ass and supple breasts. No doubt Sophie will continue to leak these short naked videos until either “Game of Thrones” allows her to exercise her depravity on the show with a graphic nude scene, or she gets captured by us righteous Muslims and lapidated for offending our eyes with her sinful pasty female flesh.

Kelly Rohrbach ass

Kelly Rohrbach, star of the upcoming “Baywatch” movie remake, tries to seduce a Mexican valet by displaying her bare ass while bending over in front of him in the photos below.

Really the only way that Kelly could be more obvious that she wants this fat little river coon to come up to her place and eat out her lady taco is if she had a bowl of guacamole sticking out of her ass crack. For his part this wetback tries to resist Kelly’s brazen advances, but when she threatens to report him to INS he gives in and heads up to her apartment with her.

Sadly after Kelly Rohrbach had her way with his tiny man churro she sent him packing with not so much as a peso for his troubles. No doubt so distraught by the ordeal this border bandit went home, packed up his wife and 15 children, and self-deported back to Mexico… Clearly with horny sluts like Kelly Rohrbach on the prowl the United States might not even need to build a wall.


Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach
Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach
Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach Kelly Rohrbach

Katy Perry tits

Tonight is the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (thank Allah), and pop star and huge Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry will be taking the stage to perform her new hit song “Rise”.

Katy Perry was caught on camera rehearsing her performance for tonight’s show, and as you can see in the video below Katy flaunts her tits during a sound check and then later comes out in full costume (minus her panties) and proceeds to brazenly display her plump round ass.

It is not surprising that Katy is going all out for her pal Hillary, for Katy has been quite vocal that she thinks it is “super awesome” that Hillary may become President because according to her analysis of the issues “Hillary is a woman. Girl power yay!”.

No word yet if this degenerate bare ass display is going to make it past the network censors and into the live performance, but if it does then Katy will certainly win the election for Hillary and thus help bring in many more of us righteous Muslims into the future caliphate of Americastan.

Jessica Alba nude

This early nude photo of a young Jessica Alba was just discovered and leaked online.

As you can see this appears to be Jessica Alba posing nude back in her “Dark Angel” days from the year 2000 when she was 19-years-old. After seeing Jessica’s naked teen body one can not help but feel a sense of loss, as Jessica never lived up to her full potential by joining a Muslim’s harem and instead squandered her talents whoring herself in shitty movies for the profits of Zionist controlled heathen Hollywood.

After seeing Jessica’s tight nude body in this photo who could argue that she was crafted by Allah to service the enormous tunic snakes of us powerful Muslim men? Certainly there is a special place in the eternal hellfire for women like Jessica who fail to fulfill their destiny of sexually satisfying the meat scuds of us holy Muslims, but thankfully not many women are foolish enough to miss out on the life changing opportunity.

Former Disney star and current rapper dick rider Christina Milian posted and then quickly removed the nude video above on her Snapchat.

Seeing Christina Milian bent over and exposing her sinful savage titties in this Snapchat video comes as no surprise, for as you can see in the photos below Christina has been teasing her teats on Snapchat for quite some time now.

Thankfully one day soon dirt skin women like Christina Milian will not have the time to flaunt their primitive abid bodies on social media, as they will all be too busy working on the vast poppy plantations of us powerful Muslim men… And if we catch any of them whoring their bountiful breast meat or rhythmically swaying their gigantic rumps while singing their negro church hymns, you better believe us Muslims will not hesitate to give them a good hard lashing with switches made from stiff Nile reeds.


Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian
Christina Milian Christina Milian Christina Milian

Actress Emma Stone nearly shows her tits while topless in a pair of black lace panties in the video above.

In this scene not only is Emma Stone being filmed with only her tiny hands covering her surprisingly ample sinful breast meat, but there appears to be a man in front of her licking at her no doubt cavernous cock cave. Since the scene in this video appears to be from a TV show on Fox, the man is almost certainly sucking out all the black man splooge from Emma’s banged out baby box.

Yes network television is a cesspool of Western liberal degeneracy, and Emma Stone’s bare boobies fit in well with their blasphemous agenda. In fact, if Emma’s titties were biracial transgenders they’d probably get their own spin-off sitcom. Thank Allah us Muslims only watch Al Jazeera, were the only topless women we see is when there is news coverage of ISIS beheading Shias too ugly to be used as sex slaves.

Hunter Haley King nude sex

Recently us pious Muslims discovered the considerable talents of soap opera star Hunter Haley King, and now (as you can see in the nude sex pic above) I am happy to report that our initial assessment of her value as a potential concubine was correct.

Of course normally us Muslims would frown upon Hunter Haley King being naked and getting her sin hole stuffed on camera like this, but as you can see in the photo below Hunter was simply engaging in a righteous brother/sister roleplay.

Hunter Haley King boobs

The fact that Hunter Haley King understands that it is a woman’s duty to sexually service the male members of her family shows that she truly has the makings of a good Muslimina. Hunter will certainly do well serving in the harems of us powerful Muslims, the only thing she has to do now is convert to Islam by reciting the Shahada while sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood.

Selena Gomez lesbian kiss

Nearly 8 years ago this holy Islamic website “outed” Selena Gomez as a gay when it was blatantly clear that she was lesbodyking with her then best friend Demi Lovato. Now it appears as though Selena is finally ready to come out to the public, and admit that we were right all along and she is nothing more then a sinful taco muncher. For Selena recently had a breakdown onstage in which she said that she is being “unauthentic” and she is “unconnected to herself”.

Selena Gomez bikini

Of course Selena Gomez’s gay revelation should come as no surprise, as in the past not only did she date flaming dykes like Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber, but she was also romantically involved with known lesboqueers Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift.

Anyone with any common sense who looks at Selena Gomez in the two recent photos above can see that she is a degenerate lady pearl polisher. And one does not have to smell the rotten fish on Selena’s breath to know that not long after these pics were taken, Selena and these girls were finger popping, scissoring, and piss flap sucking back in Selena’s hotel room.

Ireland Baldwin Alexis Ren nude

Model Ireland Baldwin (the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin and actress Kim Basinger) finally poses nude in the photos below.

Ireland has been teasingly almost showing off her potato shaped mick titties for quite a while now, so this topless display is not surprising. In fact, ever since Ireland was 11-years-old and her father Alec famously left her an angry voicemail calling her a “rude little pig”, it was inevitable that she would grow up, get a bunch of trashy tattoos, and pose naked just to get back at him.


Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin

Just like Ireland Baldwin fellow model Alexis Ren also has daddy issue. However unlike Ireland, Alexis’ daddy issues stem from the fact that he didn’t have the good sense to sell her off to a virile Muslim man when she was young and of a proper breeding age. Now instead of servicing her husband’s mighty tunic snake, Alexis is squandering her Allah given talents flaunting her perfectly formed nude ass in the photos below.


Alexis Ren Alexis Ren Alexis Ren
Alexis Ren Alexis Ren Alexis Ren

Meg Turney nude sex

Gamer girls are low grade models who exclusively pander to the Western world’s considerable nerd demographic by pretending to be interested in video games and comics while whoring their bodies. With the largest geek gathering in the world going on at Comic-Con in San Diego right now, it should come as no surprise that three of the biggest spaz sluts Meg Turney, Barbara Dunkelman, and Ashley Jenkins all had nude Snapchat photos leaked online in an effort to steal the spotlight.

First up is saucy redhead Meg Turney who took a selfie while riding the teeny weenie of one of her pathetic fans in the photo above. Not to be outdone dorky Barbara Dunkelman had her own Snapchat sex pic leaked in which she tells her basement dwelling fans that she wishes she could take all of their virginities in the photo below.

Barbara Dunkelman nude sex

Last and certainly least we have Ashley Jenkins who appears to be boasting how horny she is while fully nude in the back of some dweeb’s mom’s minivan in the photo below. No doubt quite an erotic scene for the average infidel mouth breathing neckbeard.

Ashley Jenkins nude